The kiss of Death: Hearns declares Conor Benn the next PPV star

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    Mar 17, 2018

    In this thread show me where I've complained about Benn? or in fact PPV in general in this thread?

    Don't have the answers? do you by chance?

    Your answer is basically if we want boxers to live multi millionaire lifestyle then we need to pay it

    My take is slightly different

    If over night football's popularity fell drastically to the point where wages could not longer be sustainable

    Clubs then say to players , chaps we cant pay you 80k per week no more but with the current situation we can however pay you 40k

    How many players would think no thanks ill quit the game and become an Uber driver


    I don't begrudge boxers earning what they do, its a tough sport and a short career but to say there's no way of getting big fights done minus PPV is nonsense

    However it needs every promotor and platform to say no and obviously they are not going to do that are they

    So how do we get boxers to fight without PPV money on offer

    Simple ,remove PPV
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    Jun 9, 2018
    They're all laughing at us. Hearn, Chisora, Whyte. Us and mugs that buy the PPV every single time.

    Chisora especially. He's rehashing the same old lines from his fight with Usyk. "I'm gna take Parker to the deep end. War and Pain"

    He's going to lose and he'll move on to someone else then for another round of PPV money.
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    Sep 21, 2013

    Then it'll be ELEVEN LOSSES and we STILL have to pay to watch him fight.
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    Sep 21, 2013
    Taylor isn't PPV material.
  5. Brixton Bomber

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    Sep 21, 2013

    Eddie is absolutely fleecing the public here.

    Nigel was worth shelling out money for, not Conor.
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    Mar 1, 2021
    Too true. Wonder who'll be next.

    Don't know what's worse - the 'deep waters' claims of Chisora, or the 'dare to be great... your time' crap that gets churned out whenever Hearn feeds one of his fighters to the elite.
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    Feb 25, 2012
    Are they really tho. I,ve watched most of chisoras career....if he doesnt end up brain damaged before his time i,ll be surprised.

    Same with whyte...i remember him fighting joshua the first many years on the clock has been added since that fight.

    With the recent studies etc...with what we know about heading the football etc...who actually thinks these guys will be the same guys when they leave boxing. Who thinks they,ll possibly die prematurely due to the injuries inflicted on the brain etc. Mental health problems etc.

    I dont think anyone can say for sure...but watching both of them...i,d not be confident betting against it.

    Go watch chisora sparring jennings....the light punching jennings supposedly...then tell me its easy money.

    Pretty sure a lot on here need to log off their computer...go down to the gym and find out how hard it really is to not only make a living in boxing but to become succesful at it. You,d think it was money for old rope.

    Anyone up for helping these guys out for a bit of cash if they weren,t ppv fighters and they did end up brain damaged. It just becomes someone elses problem then.
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    Feb 25, 2012
    The whole thread is basically about complaining about hearn thinking about putting benn on ppv.

    Look at a net worth of 1.8 million. Hes used ppv numerous times in his career. Dedicated his whole life to boxing and became one of irelands most succesful ever boxers. Thats one of not many in the history of the country. Without much would he be worth tho. 400,000. 600,000. At best. What happens if he gets brain damaged in his career. What happens if hes unable to work again after retirement. Hes actually earned less than someone thats spent a career working at mcdonalds. How does that do anything but kill the sport.

    How does that motivate anyone to start a career in boxing.

    What people are saying is....its a hard sport. The chances are you,ll get the motivation punched out of you. You,ll probably spend time on it and make no real money. The first 5 years you,ll be struggling to survive. But the very lucky few might rise to the top and earn less money than if they worked 40 years at mcdonalds. Chances are you might end up punch drunk as well.

    Seriously would anyone allow their son to sign up for that?
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    Apr 6, 2006
    It's a blessing and a curse to have the last name of a legend. We wouldn't be even talking about him if his name was Connor Webster. He would be a small hall area title-type fighter. I give him his due, he looks like he trains hard and is dedicated, so coupled with his last name has received favorable treatment. It's the way it goes, it's business. Eddie knows if they match him well and get him a title shot, the ticket number and PPV revenue will roll in. Its nothing to do with whether the kid is a massive talent or not, at this point he doesn't need to be. There have been x7 more talented fighters who amount to F all, why? Because they couldn't sell out a local pub function room.
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    Oct 18, 2009
    You sometimes have to take a step back and have a short break to see the bigger picture and you've both got it spot on. This is the reality - Derrick Chisora is a journeyman without a single notable win on his record but we're being asked to pay £20 to watch him fight in an empty arena against one of the most boring and uncharismatic fighters in HW history. That's reality.
    It's all a scam, all a conjob. Same applies to Dillian Whyte he's only marginally better than Del and is now a PPV main eventer.
    But according to Eddie and a certain corporate shill on here these fights couldn't be made without it being on PPV which is obviously laughable.
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    Feb 25, 2012
    Chisora is not and never has been a journeyman. Every single person on here talks about how great usyk is. He beat del by two points. It was a hard fight. No one losing to usyk by two points will ever be called a journeyman to anyone with a bit of sense.

    In one breath we say...the 0,s not important constantly claim we just want to see good fights. You get them...people lose...then you say their just journeyman.

    Chisora could have had a great career if it was funded properly. Hes a good fighter del who pretty much had to chase the money because no one was really backing his career. Took on klitchko way too early. Going up against a guy heavily funded with the best of everything. Pretty much what he done his whole career...until recent years wasnt heavily he chased the money.

    He starts getting backed....he then reinvests in himself. New training team. New training camps. New manager. And has came back a better fighter for it. Whytes done exactly the same thing.

    Chisoras a better fighter today than he was 10 years ago and yet the people that are meant to see it...dont even know it.

    Makes you wonder how del would have done if he was backed in the early days. Too old by the time he reinvested in himself...chance have you got going up against say klitchko with the best of everything. Meanwhile your training in a basement with don charles because finances dictate.

    One thing i can tell you about most fans....they dont often see the reality.
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    Sep 16, 2020
    Dereck is good fighter but he was lucky that he did not had Dorticos or Briedis in the ring from their versions from 2020 th September with old Briedis and Dorticos who soon will be start to go old.
    They does counter hooks better and Usyk is touted above them just because he barely defeated prime Briedis with jabs ( I know biased commentaries are for guy from larger county, there larger country was Ukraine ) and Murat because this was too inexperienced for prime Usyk.
    This now isn't prime Usyk, regardless fought he now in CW or HW.

    Chisora if he had these from WBSS1 times, had been KTFOEd.

    He really even likes me, nice cat and he isn't low level journeyman of course. He is something like a gatekeeper and agrees to fight with boxers, especially at HW this is not easy: to get fights with anyone from top 10- top 25.
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    Mar 17, 2018
    Yeah but i asked where have i moaned?

    You comment was aimed at me after i said keep me out of it no?

    I agree with a lot of what your saying but if the demand for boxing isn't there, should the people that have and continue to keep it afloat, ie long term fans have to pay premium?

    If your good at boxing and can earn 150k a year, i think most would carry on rather than get up at 5am to work in an office or maybe a building site

    Sure, its not the high life any more but a lot would say it beats a 9 to 5

    You think Frampton has no investments? That 1.8 mill id wager is a fair bit more on paper
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    Mar 17, 2018
    Del boy is a better fighter than ten years ago

    And still hasn't beat anyone of note
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    Mar 19, 2016
    Does he have a glass chin