The muscles used in fighting, and how to strengthen them?

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    Jun 12, 2020
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    For a hook punch, the person with the wider shoulders will hit harder because of sheer physics. First, the hook punch of a broad-shouldered person will be faster because the arm will be further out from the pivot point. This is exactly the same as the way the outside of a record moves much faster than the inside, even though they are making the same number of rotations per second. Also, the way the mass is distributed affects the strength of the punch. If a person has broad shoulders, that means that their body mass is spread out farther from the pivot point. The farther out it's spread, the more energy it has when it's rotated.

    The bigger the legs the harder the punch?
    A friend of mine was telling me that the thicker a fighters legs are the harder he can hit usually. He said a huge portion of your power comes from your base. I know all about the physics of a punch and turning at the hip but is that true? Do fighters with bigger legs or lower bodies generally hit harder?