The official Mayweather vs. Pacquiao aftermath trash receptacle

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    Originally posted @ 5-3-15, 12:58am:

    Effective tomorrow afternoon, I am busting out the broom & dustpan. The erstwhile "All Things (/Whine About) Mayweather/Pacquiao Express" is going to be closed, but all junky spam threads about the fight (or a rematch) beyond the half-a-day grace period are going to be swept in there.

    Normal threads will be left alone (i.e. a poll thread about the prospective rematch, or "how did you score it" type of threads). Any nonsense, trolling in either direction, bragging about how you won a ban-bet, whining about it being a robbery...that is all getting merged into the repository, as that stuff will not be cluttering up the forum weeks on end. :deal Got it?
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    Besides go undefeated, because Joe Calzaghe has also done that.

    UD Pacquiao?
    Outdone by JMM who served him the KTFO6, and matched by Morales who did it when Pacquiao wasn't injured AND managed to make it entertaining.

    SD ODLH?
    Outdone by Hopkins who KO'd him, matched by Mosley (x2) and Trinidad. ODLH was regarded as shot by the time Floyd fought him, and his record supports that position.

    UD Cotto?
    Outdone by Pacquiao and Margarito who KO'd him, matched by Trout. Cotto had wins over Malignaggi, Judah, and Mosley 5 years before fighting Floyd. Was universally regarded as shot, having been slaughtered by Margarito and Pacquiao. Still gave Floyd one of his best fights.

    UD Mosley?
    Matched by Pacquiao, Alvarez, Cotto, Forrest, and Wright (x2). Had quality wins over ODLH (x2), Vargas (x2), and Margarito. However, was regarded as shot in 2010 and his resume after that supports this position.

    UD Marquez?
    Matched by Norwood and John, both of whom made weight and neither of whom needed a 2-weight class size advantage.

    UD Judah?
    Outdone by Tszyu, Cotto, Clottey, and Khan. Matched by Spinks, Baldomir, Malignaggi, Garcia. And Judah dropped Floyd.

    UD JLC?
    Outdone by Hatton and Corrales who KO'd him. And the 4 journeymen who also KO'd him. And he may or may not have beaten Floyd the first time. This is a guy who had only beaten Johnston when Floyd fought him (Corrales and Casamayor later).

    UD Baldomir?
    Who hasn't beaten Baldomir?? Who has Baldomir beaten? (Judah. That's it. And who has Judah beaten? Spinks. That's it.)

    RTD Hernandez?
    Matched by ODLH who retired him 2 rounds quicker.

    KO Corrales?
    Matched by Casamayor and JLC who knocked him out even quicker. Corrales had zero quality wins when Floyd fought him. Later beat Casamayor and JLC.

    KO Ortiz?
    Matched by Maidana, Lopez, and Collazo. Zero quality wins from this joker.

    KO Hatton?
    Matched by Pacquiao and Senchenko. Hatton only lost to Pacquiao at 140 and was 1-2 (2 KO losses) at 147 where Floyd fought him.

    UD Guerrero?
    Unmatched achievement, but see what happens if Guerrero starts fighting Porter, Thurman, Khan, etc. His best win is a shot Casamayor. EDIT: Oh look, Thurman almost killed him.

    MD Alvarez?
    Unmatched achievement, but see what happens as Alvarez begins to step up competition (best win is a close one against Trout and a robbery against Lara). Plus the rehydration clause and all that...

    Yeah but...

    Has Floyd ever ducked any challenges?

    Tszyu: Avoided.
    Margarito: Avoided.
    Williams: Avoided.
    Wright: Blatant duck.
    Mosley: Waited until he was shot.
    Cotto: Waited until he was shot.
    Pacquiao: Waited until he was shot.
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    Made you and the rest of the tards create hundreds of ALTs!
  4. Staminakills

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    Jun 8, 2012
    What total moron.

    He is the only fighter ever to stay unbeaten while making a class fighters look like c fighters
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    Jan 14, 2011
    In before this gets moved
  6. The Shockmaster

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    Apr 19, 2014
    how many times does "ducked prime cotto and prime shane" have to be refuted and disproven before you guys will accept it as not true....your skulls are as thick as mannys when he was juicing

    some video of margarito coming up to floyd....then floyd later continuing an interviewer while moving his head looking for people around him that are coming up to him or he knows.....somehow is turned into "floyd was so scared he was looking for margarito the whole time".....its pathetic.....floyd would have embarrassed margarito in an easy UD....just because your hero isnt a smart enough of a fighter to avoid taking punishment from him doesnt mean floyd wouldnt....

    heres something pac has never done...shatter ppv and compubox records and remain unbeaten....also pay taxes...also take a drug test to make the biggest fight ever

    floyd also never been laid out with his momma cryin.....
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    I see the hate is strong in you. Margo and P Will for real, Mosley had a bull**** excuse about a toothache,Cotto didn't make a sound about fighting Money and was considered to green at one time.Pacs day is coming just chill out.
  8. boxing_master

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    Jul 21, 2013
    duck the biggest fight in boxing history
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    Joe Calzaghe has done that :lol:
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    people like you make this site unbearable when it could be so good
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    Making hundreds of millions of dollars, and still being cheated on by his girlfriend. I don't think anybody, but Floyd could achieve anything like that.
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    Beat up a security guard! oh wait...
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    you cant duck yourself.
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    :rofl at the highlighted part

    :patsch at the compubox part.

    And this isn't about Pacquiao, because nobody truly thinks he's that great. Pacquiao drains, handpicks, and plays the age game against opponents as much or more than Mayweather.

    This is about justifying Mayweather's position as the greatest fighter of this generation or whatever people say about him. For my money, Hopkins is doing more.
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    donald sterling....who is the basketball equivalent of bob arum