The Similarities Between Anthony Joshua and Primo Carnera

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    Oct 2, 2018
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    It's possible. I need to see AJ's chin tested more. Carnera's wasn't nearly as bad as some people make it out to be.
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    Unless Ruiz transforms and becomes a better fighter in the future.. from what he has shown till now probably does not eclipse Paulino Uzcudun. Who was a pretty good fighter.

    Either of Uzcuduns wins over Harry Wills or Max Baer was of a similar magnitude to Ruiz defeating Joshua.

    Joshua has a few belts and a few top wins but he is only really “one of” the best in the world rather than being regarded as the best in the world. Nobody is. The best in the world right now is between Fury, Wilder or Joshua. If somebody new beats one of those three he becomes “one of the three best”. But we won’t ever know until one beats the other and the third beats the winner.

    So all these comparisons with actual champions regarded the best in the world are really out of place. The status is not equal.

    And Joshua becoming only the forth man in history to reclaim the championship in an immediate rematch is utter nonsense.

    Because He didn’t beat Wilder or Fury before he lost to Ruiz his status never amounted to being the best in the world.

    Patterson, Lewis And Ali were regarded the worlds best before they lost then recaptured their titles.
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    This thread is a perfect parody of all classic boxing history sections on internet forums.
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