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    It's also unthinkable he would actually win. I was surprised he beat Makabu, coming off the canvas and brutally no less, but we're still talking a gulf in class with Usyk though. He admitted that himself, being up against it and basically going by it somehow falling into place for him like it almost always does, to win by come from behind stoppage.

    He's a fascinating caracter, and has proven me wrong quite a number of times, but as things stand now he's facing by far the best boxer in his career next and his only road to victory seems a hail mary punch on the button.
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    Ha ha, I agree totally. He looked for all the world to be out of his depth with Makabu but boxed savvy and rocked him (post KD) in an exchange, then went gung-ho and finished him in risky fashion.
    Haye turned out to be utterly immobile and unable to spring off his rear leg in both fights so limited credit can be given IMO.
    Usyk can and will make light work of Bellew but he's (Bellew) had 3-4 camps in a short space of time whilst not taking much punishment in the subsequent fights. He knows this is his last fight and, well frankly, stranger things have happened at sea.
    Usyk is surely the better fighter and wins 9/10 but....this is CW and Bellew can bang.
    Something tells me Usyk has a moment or two in this one and if TB can capitalise at the right split second.....we all might just have to think the unthinkable!
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