the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

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    Oct 5, 2009
    Vernon Forrest vs Shane Mosley II

    I dont know why I decided to watch it, I havent watched it since it happened. I was a big Mosley fan and remembered being so disappointed in Shane's performance. At the time it certainly felt like Shane fought in such fear of Forrest's power and clinched a lot to avoid being hit. My views are a little different but overall a very forgettable fight

    1: 10-9 Forrest, Lederman went the other way. Mosley came right out looking to maul Forrest and threw a big right and immediately went to wrestling. It was a very physical round

    2: 10-9 Forrest close but highlighted by a big left hook from Forrest

    3: 10-9 Forrest but again close maybe i just like his style I dont know but Lederman agreed so did Lampley and Foreman and the punch number though I avoid using them in any point of proof

    4: 9-10 Mosley lots of clinching in this round and the booing begins in the audience

    5: 9-10 Mosley booing gets worse

    6: 10-9 Forrest very boring, crowd attention shifts to a fight in the audience and they remain focused for the last 30 seconds of the round not looking at the ring at all standing and watching a fan fight plus the HBO crew pointed out Holyfield went to the food court during the round

    7: 10-9 Forrest in just a terrible round

    I could not watch anymore of this I quit with a score of 68-65 in a very dull fight


    -After 4 rounds the thrown punches of both were 40-50 less than the first fight
    -Forrest fought with an open mouth after round 4
    -Mosley pretty much took the right hand away
    -Forrest relied a lot more on his left hook
    -Lawrence Cole for his poor reputation did a good job I thought, though he probably could have done more to deter the holding
    -I thought Foreman was terrible times in this fight over congratulating Mosley on certain things and making too much out of his landed punches. I felt he was right though that the winner would be the guy who forced the other to lead since both are way too skilled and powerful to sell out and the guy who builds early would force the other to get desperate
    -I still think Mosley was responsible for the vast majority of the holding, I dont think he fought scared like I did at the time but he certainly was very aware of the right hand and as earlier noted really took it away. Forrest didnt exactly bring it either but he was certainly the busier man and trying to put his shots together more frequently. Mosley reminded me of David Haye vs Klitschko throwing as little as necessary and running in out of range
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    Jul 25, 2008
    Exactly how I saw it re Duva distracting Taylor.
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  3. McGrain

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    Mar 21, 2007
    Chan-Hee Park UD15 Miguel Canto

    Canto, the champ, looks old in his face, aged. Can't remember for the life of me how old he boxes though. ESB! Let's find out!

    The crowd about upends itself every time Park feints, never mind lands. But he's got a good digging let to the body, a jab, and he follows it in on occasion. Meanwhile Canto is struggling to get his left (!) home and pays for it on two occasions. What a great start for Park that round is, that must do absurd wonders for confidence. Canto is just being out-punched by a younger, frostier fighter, who is unafraid of his power and takes deep joy in swarming him behind an often telegraphed jab, wild hooks,but steady pressure and a couple of good, technically sure digs to the gut and a nice sneak uppercut.

    Canto's feet look just about as fast when he goes, but he is late going. He's lost that reactive glide and he cant' rely on prevention 100% of the time. The result is he is being punished with jabs to the head and rights to the torso. Where will a Canto round come from? Signs that it might yet be a freshly dialled in left jab evaporate a bit in the fourth when Park manages to corner him and semi-neatly whale on hi for a while, landing some punches.

    In his own (comparatively) ramshackle way, Park is actually out-jabbing Canto.

    Ah change o strategy from Canto in the sixth. He's stopped giving incremental ground and held his feet and tried to counter-punch or lead with single shots. It works not bad until Park lands an eye-catching right, then later a hard looking left. Canto is going away with both of these punches, but he's not doing enough himself to earn these minutes and Park's attacks kind of fill the vacuum. Park is doing some missing; but he's just so much more active. Six-zip.

    A round! I was able to give the seventh to Canto. It should be even, really, but I hardly need any encouragement in the circumstances. Park is rushing less, and holding more and although he doesn't anything like dominate the round he probably just about out-snipes the challenger. But Canto just cannot get his left-hook going. Miss, miss, miss. And Park is only dipping, he's not even particularly talented at actually slipping punches, Canto just seems off.

    Hugely out-thrown, hugely out-landed. I ahve Canto in need of an unlikely KO after just nine rounds. Park still springing in with punches, getting caught himself as a price but it's worth paying for the illusion of control it provides.

    Younger, faster (!), weirdly crude sometimes (switching to square and probing with the right) but suddenly he's landed two sharp uppercuts in an untidy swarm. Nice step-away too. Canto lands a very good punch at the close of 12 but he's so far behind by then...pretty depressing stuff.

  4. McGrain

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    Mar 21, 2007
    Shoji Oguma SD15 Chan-Hee Park

    You can see in the very first round the difference: Oguma is able to match Park in flurries andbecause he is gong away from Park while developing an offence there's business to be done. That said, Park rushes him around the ring a bit and although his chin is down, that's brave given what happened in their first fight. Park hits him with a really sharp right at the end of the first and dropos him for a count. Clipping round the corner punch when Oguma gets too cute.

    The way Oguma moves away looks wrong. He moves away with his weight perched over his front foot, kind of hops along on it, looks more like a full retreat than it is. He's beginning to use uppercuts to try to out-squabble his man but he hasn't won a round yet. Ah, vicious left-handed counerpunching in the third, he's deciphered Park for as open as he is to cold blood maybe? We'll see. I've definitely never watched this one before. Tight uppercuts. Good, good fight. Oguma is doing well very close or very far away.

    Oguma's southpaw jab is not good in this fight and it costs him the fourth round i'd say. Park shows it a lot of respect which is weird. May be missing something. It seems to be a battle of the awkward - whoever is more awkward in a given round wins that round. Mostly, that's Park. I have him with a handy lead going into the eighth. It will be interesting to see how - if - Ooooo, guma, claws it back.

    Ah, there you go. Park was hurt by a counter-right off the ropes in the eight and got hammered a bit for a bit. Could be a turning point...beautiful one-two at the bell. Oguma was rooted to teh spot there when he landed those punches. Park wins the tenth pretty big though. Still, guma remains fresher. His shorter puncher is doing the damage now. He's beating his man to the punch just enough that he's edging these rounds and Park doesn't have enough to just overrush him as he did earlier. Good clipping right-hands and suddenly Park wants to circle with him, his hands sometimes low, looking tired. Must be awful. After twelve rounds I have it 6-5, Oguma having clawed his way back to near parity, the knockdown from the first round behind.


    *Oguma down.


    @Flea Man, how'd you see these two fights?
  5. McGrain

    McGrain Diamond Dog Staff Member

    Mar 21, 2007
    Shoji Oguma MD15 Chan-Hee Park

    Park wins the first round huge, again...the funny thing is I think he was trying to be chill but he's just warred his way off the hook here. I think Park's eye for a punch is actually a little better (Especially early) but Oguma just has a better offensive quilt, he can post more stages. But I do love the way Park prods the left in likel he's up to nothing then rams in a wild right like his life depended on the punch. Close, all action second.

    A very nice counter southpaw right sends Park tumbling into the ropes in the third and it's symptomatic of the respect Oguma seems to take two rounds to force on Park. He's now got his opponent at least wondering about the counter-punches that await his rushes and he is trying to cover a lot of sins with that covering prodding jab. Glorious reverse one-two from Park in the fourth, right to the body, stiff jab combo, very nice (and weird) to see. A cut that emerged on Oguma in I think the second is much worse in this round. In fact, Oguma's face is a bit of a mess. Right hooks and right jabs buy him the fifth though, and the corner did a really good job on that right eye.

    Six rounds in and I have it 4-2 Park and it's already my clear favourite of the three. Round 6 was mad. Mad is not so good for Oguma though, he's the superior technician and he needs some quiet to do his very best work I think. Or at least some idea of where he is. Slippy canvas not helping him either. Probably out-jabbe for the first half of the seventh, he's in danger of having this fight taken away from him on my card.

    Oguma is covered in blood, smothered in it, it's reached his knees, and he's being out-punched. I have him 6-2 behind after 8. I guess he's going to lose on my card. Stands his ground in the ninth without overcommitting though, and he hurts Oguma with a nice punch to the torso, a right hand; then the tenth clipping an Oguma who is weirdly reluctant to engage for the first time, he's right back in the ballgame. Problem is he can only afford to lose one of the final five. He managed this for me, in the second fight. Faster, with a llittle more in the tank, he looks like managing it here too. Oguma is still aggressive but his form is disintegrating here in the 11th. Now it's Oguma charging out for the 12th. After Oguma takes it big after banging a right hand right onto Park's chin, he's all square on my card and I have a three round shoot-out or the title.

    Narrow, nervous 13th and then Oguma stages this mad tough-man late round rally to drive Park off and steal the frame. Beautiful stuff. In the lead for the first time in the fight with two rounds remaining. One of two rounds to bag the whole thing. I don't have Park winning one since the eighth. You can see the near-fear Park holds Oguma's round-winning flurries in during the fourteenth, hit to the body he all but runs away to avoid the next barrage. Blood everywhere. Park giving ground. Close round decided on territory and generalship and a two-punch combo at the death. Park now can't win without a KO on my card! Never seen a switcharoo like that before. Great fight.


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