the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

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    Aug 26, 2004
    and finally:D....Eubank vs Carl Thompson

    Eubank:1,2,4(10-8 ),5,6

    round 7 even

    commentators had thomspon winning by a couple of points.

    Great fight,with past prime Eubank up at Cruiser against decent, big punching Thompson.Chris looks a lot sharper and even faster than in his last few years at super middle, indicating a move up to light heavy may have been beneficial a few years earlier, circa Benn 2.

    He started very well, showing some excellent counterpunching to build a commanding early lead.His eye had begun to shut from quite early on however; no doubt owing to the far bigger Cat's cruiserweight power, and maybe a few headbuts/elbows during the infighting.

    eubank took a serious drawn out beating for most of the second half, even if he was keeping it reasonably competitive.For a smaller fighter he showed awesome punch resistance here.

    Ultimately i had it a draw, which would have been a fair result imo.Not sure i could really see Eubank winning, as most of the rounds were easy enough to score.

    The second fight was another good one incidentally, and about even on the cards when it was stopped.Eubank should have given his eye far more time to recover.
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    Nov 30, 2006

    Picking up third...



    Holyfield - displayed two of his most admirable traits (determination and chin) but none of his others. Got hit repeatedly over the course of the round.

    Moorer - utilized his jab to great effect, and rolled away from and under most of Holyfield's return fire.

    5th Round: Moorer 10-9
    Aggregate: Even 48-48


    Holyfield - dramatically lowerd his output, still landing the harder shots overall but throwing them as intermittent singles (occasionally paired). He actually boxed and moved fairly well but was outworked and outlanded. When not retreating he clinched more often than punching. This seemed a round that Holyfield "took off", and Moorer did what was needed to capitalize it and look the better man.

    Moorer - looked far sharper, and comfortable throwing in multiples from bell to bell. His frequent connectivity had Holyfield flinching from jab feints by the end of the round, and Moorer here began to shift his concentration to the body without leaving himself open.

    6th Round: Moorer 10-9
    Aggregate: Moorer 58-57


    Holyfield - came out strong with a two-fisted attack and did not give Moorer room or time to breathe, simply mauling him when his gloves weren't arriving in rapid succession from both sides.

    Moorer - tried to continue to "be first" but was forced to back straight up by the stronger Holyfield. He wisely did his best to avoid taking more than a few of these hard shots at a time. This, in stark contrast to the 6th, seemed a round that Moorer himself "took off", and Holyfield did what was needed to capitalize it and look the better man.

    7th Round: 10-9 Holyfield
    Aggregate: Even 67-67


    Holyfield - was unable to maintain his assault, or even resume it. He continued to press forward and tried to pick off shots with his crossed forearms but his head was snapped back numerous times.

    Moorer - simply looked fresher, and once again in control, and finally began to look comfortable on the inside, moving his hands and pushing Holyfield off.

    8th Round: 10-9 Moorer
    Aggregate: 77-76 Moorer
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    Jun 14, 2006
    Julio Cesar Chavez vs Edwin Rosario
    Julio Cesar Chavez vs Hector Camacho
    Julio Cesar Chavez vs Roger Mayweather II

    ...Scorecards not neccesary.
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    Nov 8, 2004
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    Jul 9, 2008
    Holmes TKO 11 Shavers. 2nd fight. One of the most enjoyable near shutouts I've watched. I could only give Shavers the 7th round where he laid Holmes out. We've seen this before with Holmes. Love him or hate him the guy has heart and great recuperative powers. This is 1979 and prime Holmes. Damn great fighter. Shavers was dangerous throughout.
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    Jul 12, 2009
    I've scored this differently nearly every time but that happens with closely fought battles like this so I'll stick to my original scorecard.

    1: Barrera 10-9
    2: Barrera 10-9
    3: Barrera 10-9
    4: Barrera 10-9
    5: Morales 10-9
    6: Morales 10-9
    7: Morales 10-9
    8: Barrera 10-9
    9: Even 10-10
    10: Morales 10-9
    11: Barrera 10-9
    12: Barrera 10-8 (Morales unlucky with the KD)

    116-112 Barrera

    Barrera was superb in this fight, the thing I notice is how often Morales was really hurt, it happened a few times at the end of the round with Morales saved by the bell. Barrera's body punching was just vicious and he gave a masterclass in how to box on the inside. It was a good exciting fight but one I felt Barrera won without doubt, he was really robbed for me. Then again I had Morales winning the rematch 115-113. Sad to say my scoring must be as crap as McCrory's. :lol:
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    Nov 30, 2006



    Holyfield - came out in familiar fashion: stronger and more aggressive, but throwing wider and slower.

    Moorer - threw largely down the middle, landing a bit better despite some questionable tallies shown to TV audiences. His blows were cleaner but less damaging.

    Between the 9th and 10th round is the first time in the entire fight I turned the volume up from mute, and Atlas berating his man over a round I thought he won was absolutely shocking. Instead of giving tactical advice he was just an *******.

    9th Round: 10-9 Moorer
    Aggregate: 87-85 Moorer


    Holyfield - came on especially strong in the last minute but still not landing especially well.

    Moorer - backed Holyfield up to the ropes momentarily about a minute in with a good 1-2 previously collecting dust, and boxed and turned Holyfield well for the duration of the round. I give Moorer credit here for an improved performance and clearer win in this round than the 9th in spite of - not because of - Atlas' coaching.

    10th Round: 10-9 Moorer
    Aggregate: 97-94 Moorer


    Holyfield - just absolutely smothered Moorer this round. He didn't throw many of them, but he unveiled an uppercut that almost couldn't miss, and struck with authority when it landed.

    Moorer - mounted little counter-offense while under constant siege beyond jabbing often but too lightly to be taken seriously.

    11th Round: 10-9 Holyfield
    Aggregate: 106-104 Moorer


    Holyfield - was still able to impose his musculature and drive Moorer to the roped perimeter, but lacked the wind to keep him there, clearly fatigued.

    Moorer - in contrast, looked focused and willing to win the championship more in this round than any previous. The "bounce is back" - the bounce-back of Holyfield's head from Moorer's newly recrispened jab, that is. Moorer fought hard, and fought until the bell.

    12th Round: 10-9 Moorer
    Aggregate: 116-113 Moorer

    Lederman: 114-113 Holyfield

    Official judges
    Shirley: Even 114-114
    Giampa: 116-112 Moorer
    Roth: 115-114 Moorer

    George Foreman gave Holyfield the 12th. :lol:

    No room for controversy as far as who got the nod, IMO. There were a couple of close rounds but many clear ones - and even throwing one or two of the swing chapters Holyfield's way it still pans out tight for Moorer or a draw. This of course assumes correct scoring of the knockdown round, which Holyfield lost but for the knockdown...
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    Jul 29, 2004

    Found my card sweet...a tad different to what I remember but here it is.

    Pedroza-Lockridge I - 146-141

    Pedroza: 4,6,8,9,10,11,12,13,14
    Lockridge: 1,2,5,7,
    Rounds 3 and 15 Even

    Could easily see the 3rd, 4th and 15th (on reflection I should have given the last to him) for Rocky but felt that Pedroza did some very good work himself.

    Perhaps the final score is not indicative of the closeness of the the bout but Ive got to score each round on their own and I thought Pedroza just edged some of the more contentious ones, and had a big second half of the fight.

    The whole fight the commentators were very bias against Pedroza.
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    Jun 28, 2007
    Do they have to be fights I watched today? Because I've watched a lot of good fights lately, just not right this day. Here's a list and some thoughts

    Sergio Martinez v. Adrian Stone
    Martinez pitched a shut-out. Mesmerizing and highly entertaining performance. Adrian Stone was at the end of his career but he had been good enough to step into the ring against Vernon Forrest and Shane Mosley prior to this fight. Martinez foot movement and hand speed are sights to behold.

    Sergio Martinez v. Alex Bunema
    Another electric and entertaining performance by Martinez.

    Sergio Martinez v. Vasile Surcica
    Surcica was a nobody, but he managed to go the distance. Martinez failed to impress in this fight.

    Sergio Martinez v. Russell Jordan
    Fairly entertaining. Jordan was another tomato can. I think it was stopped a bit prematurely.

    Sergio Martinez v. Kermit Cintron
    2nd viewing. A pretty ugly fight. I had Martinez winning clearly. I gave Cintron two rounds, plus one more for a BS point deduction. Cintron should have lost on three separate occasions. Terrible robbery.

    Sergio Martinez v. Paul Williams
    Great, great fight. Both guys showed a lot of heart and determination. I was especially impressed by Martinez defense, he was able to nullify a lot of Williams aggression and his workrate. I had Martinez by 116-113 based on more effective punching, accuracy and defense.

    Shane Mosley v. Wilfredo Rivera
    Exciting at times, frustrating at others. It was a tough, close battle. Shane looked winded through rounds 8 and 9 (possibly due to it being his first fight at a new weightclass?) and even though I wasn't keeping score I might have had him losing the fight if he lost the tenth. Fortunately for him his was able to dig deep to pull off one of his patented late round rallies and beat the **** out of Rivera throughout the 10th before knocking him senseless with a left uppercut. Prime Mosley's speed was awe-inspiring, and his defense looked sharp at times here, moreso than usual anyway.

    Roberto Duran v. Pipino Cuevas
    A short but entertaining fight. Roberto just had too much chin and skill for Pipino, while Cuevas' own chin failed him. A good win for Duran.

    Roberto Duran v. Ray Leonard
    One of the most exciting fights of all time. A bruising inside battle. Roberto's inside fighting skills were probably the best ever seen. Duran took Leonard's legs out from under him and swept the majority of the first 10 rounds.
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    Jun 14, 2006
    1: Barrera 10-9

    Excellent, exciting first round of action. Barrera starts really fast, unleashing three punch combinations, and owning the first half of the round with Morales being a little shell shocked at what's coming at him. Morales does well during the second half of the round, making Barrera miss more and landing some right hands and jabs of his own. Cleaner shots landed by Barrera.

    2: Barrera 10-9

    One of the clearest rounds of the fight, domination on the part of Marco, who on three separate occasions in the round lands the jab, right hand, left uppercut combination. All the uppercuts land flush and had. Morales rallies mid way through, only to be met with another three punch combination and a straight right hand which sends Morales into the ropes.

    3: Barrera 10-9

    Starts off a little quieter, with the action picking up in the final 45 seconds with two way exchanges. Barrers backs Morales on the ropes with multiple flurries, and also gets some good body work done in the center of the ring. Close round but I think Marco did enough.

    4: Morales 10-9

    Morales best round of the fight so far, if only because Marco slowed down on his attack a little more.

    5: Morales 10-9

    Tremendous round of Boxing. Barrera opens up the round with a right hand that backs Morales up. Morales then pours on the pressure with flurries, multiple right hands finding its target, just when Marco looks ready to go he strafes Morales with two right hands and left hook which sends him to the ropes once again. A big left hand ends the round for Marco, but I give it to Morales for dominating the majority.

    6: Morales 10-9

    Slowest round of the fight, starts with a big right hand from Barrera but the rest of the round is quite uneventful with Morales work rate bringing the round home for Erik.

    7: Barrera 10-9

    Another tremendous round, littered with exchanges. Most of the round is controlled by Erik, who unleashes a fury of shots near the ropes which seems to trouble Marco on the inside. Work rate belongs to Erik, but the two most effective shots in the round are landed by Barrera. A big right hand on the end of a jab sends him to the ropes again, and in the last 10 seconds an insane exchange see's Barrera land three hard hooks flush. Morales almost goes down and out, but then recovers and throws back. An epic moment in an epic fight.

    8: Barrera 10-9

    The pace just doesn't let up, Barrera and Morales come out firing with Erik looking to make Barrera uncomfortable with movement. The biggest shots are against landed by Barrera, a one-two combination and a series of left hooks that...once again...sends Erik to the ropes who looks stunned. Morales fires back but most of his shots are being blocked. The round finishes with another epic exchange with Barrera banging to the body and then coming up stairs, landing a solid flush right hand to Morales jaw. He doesn't stop, go down, or hold, he fires back and the crowd go wild.

    9: Barrera 10-9

    Another amazing round. The round starts off with a three punch combination on the part of Barrera, Morales retreats to the corner hurt. He then gets pinned on the ropes and Barrera lands a series of shots which seem to both Morales, who fires back. For the rest of the round barrera looks tired, Morales just doesn't stop throwing, landing right hands and jabs. Barrera seems to be out of range. 10 seconds left, I'm about to give the round to Morales on activity, and then BOOM! A flush three punch combination lands for Marco, Morales badly hurt stumbles into the corner. ...Morales hurt three times in the round, Barrera wins on inflicting more damage.

    10: Morales 10-9

    Both are tiring. Morales wins on work rate, but they both land solid shots.

    11: Barrera 10-9

    Close round, pace has slowed.

    12: Barrera 10-8 (Morales unlucky with the KD)

    Was a bull**** knockdown but Barrera came out firing to the body, and later hurt Morales with a double left hook which seen him stumble to the corner.

    8-4 Barrera.

    I can see arguments for Rounds 1, 7, and 9 being scored for Morales. That's why this is the greatest fight of all time in my humble opinion.
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    Jun 28, 2007
    I just now watched Shane Mosley v. Luis Collazo. Good fight. Entertaining. I gave Collazo two rounds.
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    Sep 6, 2008
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    Nov 30, 2006
    Why is that funny? :huh Certainly not unreasonable, two judges did the it that you didn't think Collazo won any rounds?
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    Sep 30, 2009
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    Dec 23, 2009
    Alexis Arguello-Ray Mancini

    Round 1- Feeling out round, neither man really landed anything significant but Mancini threw and landed a few more.

    Rd.1 10-9 Mancini

    Round 2- Both men start to mix it up more, both men working the jab fairly effectively, Mancini throwing hooks to the head and the body while Arguello is looking to counter inside of those hooks with partial success. Close round.

    Rd.2 10-9 Mancini

    Round 3- Mancini being more active and backing Arguello up. Arguello landing good shots occasionally but they are few and far between.

    Rd.3 10-9 Mancini

    Round 4- Both men mix it up at the beginning of the round, Arguello's jab and body shots landing better. Mancini backs Arguello up against the ropes and flurries to the body. Most of the round close but Arguello lands the more quality shots.

    Rd.4 10-9 Arguello

    Round 5- Arguello heating up and landing more shots early. Mancini lands a good flurry and later a good right-left hook combo. Mancini lands a good right and backs him up with a flurry and they slug it out for the remainder of the round with Mancini getting the better of it.

    Rd.5 10-9 Mancini

    Round 6- Both men circling and trading shots, big right hand from Arguello with one returned by Mancini which stuns Arguello momentarily Mancini more effectively pressuring Arguello and lands some eye catching shots. Both men starting to look beaten up but Arguello is getting the worst of it.

    Rd.6 10-9 Mancini

    Round 7- Arguello jabbing more effectively, Mancini not as aggressive as the previous rounds. Neither man landing anything signifacant but Arguello controlling the pace. Mancini lands a good flurry. Arguello controls to the end of the round.

    Rd.7 10-9 Arguello

    Round 8- Not a lot of action this round, neither man landing much. Arguello starts backing Mancini up and lands a few good shots to the head and body.

    Rd.8 10-9 Arguello

    Round 9- Arguello looking sharp, lands a good three punch combination. Arguello's jab landing well while most of Mancini's shots come up short. Mancini tries to rally but Arguello matches him punch for punch and was landing the cleaner shots.

    Rd.9 10-9 Arguello

    Round 10- Mancini trying to be more aggressive, Arguello returning more effectively. Mancini cut on the corner of his left eye. Close round but Arguello was more effective.

    Rd.10 10-9 Arguello

    Round 11- Both men circling and jabbing, neither man landing too many of their powershots. Arguello starts landing more at the last minute of the round.

    Rd.11 10-9 Arguello

    Round 12- Fairly even round with both men doing good work. Arguello lands a good right and backs Mancini up. Arguello starts landng big shots at the end of the round and right at the end he hits Mancini with a big right that puts him out on his feet.

    Rd.12 10-9 Arguello

    Round 13- Arguello coming out more aggressively landing good shots to the head and body. Mancini giving ground and jabbing. Arguello lands another good right hand. Arguello starts a right hand rally landing three in a row and Mancini is on unsteady legs. Arguello turns up the pressure a little more landing hooks off of the jab. Mancini bleeding from a cut inside of his mouth.

    Rd.13 10-9 Arguello

    Round 14- Arguello comes out looking for a big shot to put Mancini away. Mancini tries to rally but Arguello shuts him down with a 1-2. Arguello lands a big left hook, right uppercut to the body, two more left hooks and a right puts Mancini down and the ref calls it off.

    Scoring through thirteen I had it Arguello-8, Mancini-5.