the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

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  1. MW159

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    Dec 23, 2009
    Clifford Etienne-Frans Botha

    Round 1- Botha doing good 1-2's in and out, Etienne going in swinging and the clinching. Good action and a close round but Botha got the better of it.

    Rd.1 10-9 Botha

    Round 2- Etienne puts some good pressure on in this round, Botha tries to box but is not too effective.

    Rd.2 10-9 Etienne

    Round 3- Botha comes out and takes the fight to Etienne landing some right hands, pace slows down in the middle of the round and it is mostly one punch at a time. Etienne throws a good flurry at the end of the round.

    Rd.3 10-9 Botha

    Round 4- Etienne comes out pressuring, Botha throwing back and landing decently but is generally outworked through the round. Etienne lands a big right at the end of the round.

    Rd.4 10-9 Etienne

    Round 5- Etienne backing up Botha with the jab and landing some hard shots throughout most of the round until Botha lands a big right that hurts Etienne badly and puts him down with an uppercut. Etienne on wobbly legs for the rest of the round.

    Rd.5 10-8 Botha

    Round 6- Etienne comes out strong and lands some wild hooks, Botha lands a glancing right as Etienne comes in and it looks like a slip (though in the replay it shows him wobble) but is called a knockdown.

    Rd.6 10-8 Botha

    Round 7- Etienne dancing and leaping in with left hooks, lands a good left-right combo that snaps Botha's head back. Etienne gets Botha along the ropes and does a small rally.

    Rd.7 10-9 Etienne

    Round 8- Slow round for the most part, Etienne lands a big counter right that hurts Botha and he bores into him for the rest of the round. The bell rings and Etienne hits Botha after and hurts him badly and he gets an extra minute or so to recover because the ref was made aware of the mistake which is as Jim Gray notes against the rules.

    Rd.8 10-9 Etienne

    Round 9- Etienne comes out and hurts Botha again and swarms on him but Botha recovers and for the rest of the round lands some good rights that wobble Etienne slightly each time but it was very close.

    Rd.9 10-9 Botha
    Round 10- Real close round, neither man landed anything signifacant but I think Etienne landed a few more shots.

    Rd.10 10-9 Etienne

    I scored it 95-93 for Botha.
  2. Frazier Hook

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    Dec 23, 2009
    Ali vs Frazier 1. Seen this about a million times. What a true war! Love this fight!
  3. MW159

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    Dec 23, 2009
    Leonard Dorin vs Paul Spadafora

    Round 1- Close round, Dorin bulling in and landing some good shots upstairs but Spadafora is fighting well circling, jabbing and hooking. Real good exchange at the end of the round with no man gaining a real advantage.

    Rd.1 10-9 Spadafora

    Round 2- Very busy round for both men, Dorin getting on the inside more effectively and is very accurate with his punches while most of the return fire from Spadafora is caught on the arms and gloves.

    Rd.2 10-9 Dorin

    Round 3- Very close round, for the first minute Spadafora landed quite a few jabs and bodyshots but then Dorin comes on and starts jolting Spadafora with right hooks for the rest of the round and turns up the pressure backing Spadafora up well

    Rd.3 10-9 Dorin

    Round 4- Spadafora getting backed up in this round and trying to trade with Dorin but is getting caught with punches when he throws his own punches and the ones he lands Dorin just walks through.

    Rd.4 10-9 Dorin

    Round 5- Close round but Paul boxed better using angles and working his right hand well while Dorin didn't throw as many punches in this round as he had in the preceding rounds.

    Rd.5 10-9 Spadafora

    Round 6- Spadafora still using his defense and boxing skill well to mislead Dorin. Dorin starts to fight on his toes at the end of the round and is a little more effective when leaping in with his punches. Dorin lands a big right hand at the end of the round which wobbles Spadafora.

    Rd.6 10-9 Spadafora

    Round 7- Dorin seems reinvigorated in this round, he is getting on the inside and landing 4-5 punch combos as well as doing some good bodywork. Spadafora not moving as much and he is not landing the shots he was landing in the previous rounds.

    Rd.7 10-9 Dorin

    Round 8- Close round, neither man fighting with as much as intensity as rounds previous (alebeit they both threw around 75 punches in this round). The one thing Dorin is doing well is catching Spadafora when he backs straight up.

    Rd.8 10-9 Dorin

    Round 9- Good round for Spadafora, he is landing combinations and getting out of the way of the punches thrown back from Dorin. Dorin tries to come back later in the round but Spadafora makes him miss beautifully.

    Rd.9 10-9 Spadafora

    Round 10- Dorin being more aggressive in this round, working his way inside behind his jab and landing flurries. Spadafora landing punches himself but is getting outworked and his legs look weak at this stage.

    Rd.10 10-9 Dorin

    Round 11- Very close round, Spadafora's legs look stronger in this round and he has success boxing for the first minute but Dorin makes the adjustment and starts bouncing on his toes landing lead rightys and flurries to the body.

    Rd.11 10-9 Dorin

    Round 12- Excellent round, a lot of action and activity from both men but I think Dorin landed the better, cleaner punches in this round.

    Rd.12 Dorin

    Final score Dorin-8, Spadafora-4

    This was an excellent war, lots of blood and a lot of punches thrown and landed.
  4. Maxmomer

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    Jun 28, 2007
    Shane Mosley - Vernon Forrest I
    Shane got two, maybe three rounds. Viscous second round, Mosley has some intense survival instinct. Forrest was sharp. Not very entertaining.

    Shane Mosley - Vernon Forrest II
    What a **** ugly clinch-fest this fight was. There was so much clinching and so little fighting that I can see people's scores for this fight varying wildly. 115-113 for Forrest.

    Bernard Hopkins - Felix Trinidad
    Tito won just a single round, but it was still a lively and competitive fight to a certain extent. Bernard Hopkins put on a clinic and looked great doing it.
  5. Frazier Hook

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    Dec 23, 2009
    David Tua vs Ruiz, Izon, and Rahman 1.

    Vintage David Tua. What a puncher.......
  6. Mantequilla

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    Aug 26, 2004
    Kalule vs Masashi Kudo

    a complete shutout and a fairly dull fight.Kudo was an ordinary champion at best, fighting like a poor man's Corro/Serrano hybrid...totally safety-first and only ever commiting to a sneaky potshotting lead right hand, which was his only good offensive weapon.

    Kalule stalked him throughout, using excellent canizales/Arbachakov-esque footwork and quality one-two's to control things, then sliding in and out at angles with three and four punch combo's when Kudo tried to potshot him.

    Kalule vs Marijan Benes

    This was a much more entertaining and at times quite competitive fight, even though i doubt Benes won more than 3 or 4 rounds.

    Benes was a decent fighter with a bizarre style that was like part Galindez, part Tonna/Roldan and part complete technical incompetence.

    He would try and do a Galindez jab and trap setting routine for part of most rounds, then lose patience and hurl himself forward like a maniac, wide open throwing ridiculously telegraphed unpredictable bombs one after the other.

    This usually resulted in him getting his head jabbed in and repeatedly countered with every punch in the book.However, Kalule's lack of power meant he just kept coming, entirely undiscouraged and when he did land was able to have some success pushing Kalule on the defensive, even if he was only getting one shot in every five or so through.

    kalule,perhaps starting to struggle with the weight at ths time, slowed later and got caught with a massive hook in the 14th that had him badly rocked, though he kept composure and saw the round out without too much further trouble.
  7. GPater11093

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    Nov 10, 2008
    Zapata vs Rudy Crawford

    Zapata: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,12,13,14,15
    Crawford: 8 KD'D 6
    Total: 149-135 Zapata (14-1)

    Excellant performance. Kind of a role reversal early in the fight as Crawford circled away from Zapata but Zapata cut the ring off expertly and applied pressure behind his solid jab. He started upping it with sharp combinations and dropped Crawford with a beautiful combo in the 6th. Crawford changed his strategy and started to land some flurries but Zapata kept cool and dealt with him. Even in the exchanges Zapata kept cool made Crawford miss and landed his own sharp counters.

    In the 8th Crawford just seemed to land afew good flurries and kept Zapata honest. After about the 10th Zapata slowed his workrate and wasnt as eager as he was in the first 10 rounds as his work rate dropped and he started forgetting his jab but he still stayed in controll. And one a good but one sided fight.
  8. Maxmomer

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    Jun 28, 2007
    Shane Mosley-Winky Wright I
    117-111 for Winky. Gave Mosley the 5th, 6th and 12th.

    Shane Mosley-Winky Wright II
    A really good fight. Quite entertaining. Winky did what he did in the first fight, but Mosley improved quite a bit. More movement, more combinations, higher work-rate. A think the 114-114 score was generous, but I agree with the other two judges and their scoring of 115-113 for Wright.
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  9. Katsidis - Casamayor
    I forgot how brutal this was(about an 8.7), I had Katsidis winning by 1 until he got KOed.

    Theres no way katsidis could of done that to Marquez.

    Mayweather - Corrales.
    All to Mayweather

    Barrera - Hamed
    I didn't write down scores or anything but Hamed was definitely down most of the great eventful fight. I was impressed by his courage though, even braving the last heroic onslaught by the brutal mexican. When the fight was done, he didn't seem that defeated either but we know looking back that barerra finished Hameds career.
  10. BlueApollo

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    May 19, 2007
    Hearns - Cuevas

    One word. Damn.

    Anyone who thinks Floyd could have dealt with this Tommy Hearns should be taken out behind a shed somewhere and disciplined with a birch switch.
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  11. itrymariti

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    Sep 6, 2008
    No, just laughing at how one-sided the fight was...

    Feel like a bit of a wanker now. :)lol:)
  12. cubex

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    Sep 12, 2009
    Castillo-Johnston II

    The tape I have of the fight is missing 2 rounds(4 and 5) so I only scored the 10 rounds I had.

    Had it 6-4 for Johnston in a very closely contested fight.Johnston stood on the inside most the time with Castillo rarely going on the outside.
  13. Maxmomer

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    Jun 28, 2007
    Shane Mosley - John John Molina
    I gave Mosley every round.

    Shane Mosley - Jesse James Leija
    I gave Leija 2 rounds.

    Shane Mosley - Golden Johnson
    Mosley every round

    Shane Mosley - Demetrio Ceballos
    Mosley every round.

    Shane Mosley - Wilfredo Ruiz
    Mosley every round.

    I recently received a Shane Mosley career set on DVD, in case anyone was curious. Also Hopkins.
  14. Flea Man

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    Sep 7, 2008
    Watched Holyfield vs Foreman, Tillis, De Leon, Douglas, Cooper, and some Irish sounding guy that he destroyed.

    More to watch tomorrow. Am not gonna' fall into the same trap as I did today and watch some favourites, gonna' plow through all I haven't seen.
  15. zadfrak

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    Feb 17, 2008
    Seamus Mcdonough, if memory serves correct. I really enjoy those early Holyfield bouts at cruiser and DeLeon did a lot just to stay in the ring with the guy. When you watch those Holyfield bouts in sequence, you can see the activity level and volumes of combos go downhill like about every 2.5 years.