the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

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  1. McGrain

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    Mar 21, 2007
    George Kambsos SD12 Lee Selby

    Selby gets off to a fast start with the jab and probably scoops up the first two rounds, second round is very close though. Kambosos puts a serous marker down in the fourth, rattles Selby a bit and he ends up on the front foot trying to catch Kambosos up. The fourth looks clear for Kambosos for me and that footwork, beautiful, he's matching Selby throughout when Selby circles away, sometimes even while walking sort of backwards across. Another disgraceful commentary from Sky, apparently Kambosos is "throwing nothing" and it's "hard to score the round for him becasue his workrate is so low." I'd bet he outlanded Selby this round but if I lost that bet, he still landed the more meaningful punches. The fight is not good though. Selby fights often aren't good.

    3-3 after six.

    Kambosos clearly had the better of the second half of the fight and I think you could argue it a little wider; I gave Selby the two rounds i saw as very very close. Kambosos out-slicked Selby here, he was quicker to the punch, good with the counter, and when he elected to deploy the jab (bit rarer than it should have been) he won that battle too.

    Lee Selby:1,2,5,8,11.

    115-113 Kambosos.
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    Jun 26, 2009
    That is correct. Jack was a welterweight contender and also was sheriff of the county when JJH died, so his department investigated Hughes’ death. Jack and brother Jerry owned a gym in Mobile and Jerry promoted locally, including Hughes.

    There was also a Gene Tillman who was related, and an earlier generation with a Gene and Joe who were brothers who fought (father and uncle to the later generation I believe).

    I got to know Jack fairly well and met Jerry (he was pretty gruff, didn’t really know him much).
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    Mar 2, 2006
    Thanks for the rundown, Pat. I came to the right person with my question. When I went headlong into boxing Jack was always in the ratings and I always include him when i talk about John Stracey's greatest wins. I remember discussing Stracey with someone on this site a number of years back and this person was on about all the great fighters that Stracey beat. And me, perhaps being a bit of a gadfly said to him, "Yeah, he beat Jose Napoles, Hedgemon Lewis, Ernie Lopez, Roger Menetrey and Jack Tillman. But you do know it was the last fight of all 5, right?" He really didn't take it well, claiming I was running Stracey down, by claiming that they were all washed up. LOL! What can you do.
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    Mar 21, 2007
    George Kambosos SD12 Teofimo Lopez

    This is the third and final SD that put Kambosos right at the top of the division and from (compromised) memory, probably the least controversial. Also, it's satisfying to see Lopez beat.

    Lopez opens ultra-aggressive and you know having seen him fight today that he's asking to be countered. Lopez warned in the first 30 seconds for dirty fighting, hitting on the break specifically and a great left-hook counter to the next bullrush. Lopez was a 13-1 favourite here according to commentary. He does start to land on the two-minute mark, but Kambosos then cools his **** with the jab. Lively. Teo lands two great right hands to Kambosos who looks like he might be about to get overwhelmed when "all of a sudden" Kambosos leads with a right of his own and the seemingly posed Lopez is flashed. They jaw at bell, I like that.

    Lopez calms his **** down a little bit and out-scores Kambosos as a result, you can kind of see Kambosos looking at him again like "what you up to." He's a sharper fighter than given credit for I think. Moving away in small increments, circling tight, taking opportunities without risk to keep himself in the rounds - but not win. He's obviously decided that enough is enough in the fourth and takes a few risks and it works out for him. The left up and the right down are the weapons of choice but he ups down on both sides. He's not that busy, so it's a notable thing that just opens up more planes of uncertainty for Lopez. It feels very much like Kambosos has a great feel for what is happening in a given round.

    Kambosos should be made for Lopez. He is smaller, not that active, and he lets Lopez get his momentum together. But Kambosos emerges from the eigth with a big, big lead on my card. Lopez stages an excellent rally in the ninth though, persisting persisting persisting and landing a booming right hand that sends Kambosos stumbling but culminating in the tenth with a choppy right that legitimately hurts Kambosos, he looked momentarily panicked on his knees. Heart though, saves the day. Lopez tries to murder him with slinging and Kombosos hits back, legs a little gone, he suddenly looks tiny and Lopez comes from him. Kombosos has a legitimate chin. This is a savage round. What is most impressive is what comes after though: Kombosos is fighting back hard by the bell. Then, in the eleventh, when they are hitting each other due to the opponent's fatigue as much as anything, both hurting each other, Kambosos outworks Lopez to make the fight safe on my card. Impressive stuff. These two busted each other up badly in a really good, very interesting, ebb and flow fight.


    *Lopez down
    ^Kambosos down

    115-111 Kambosos
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  5. stevic1

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    Oct 18, 2021
    just watched and scored bazooka limon vs cornelius boza edwards,I was blown away by the fight honestly; 144-139 in favour of boza
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  6. salsanchezfan

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    Aug 22, 2004
    I lived in Mobile for about a year, top of Cottage Hill Road!

    Loved Hughes' fight with Anthony Stephens.
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    Mar 21, 2007
    Brian Carlos Castano SD12 Jermell Charlo

    Jermell's close call.

    Castano is really small, too wee, he's giving up a lot of inches in weight and height. Jermell having a long look at him in the first, Castano in no rush either...just edging him back, eating up the real-estate and then throwing a couple when he's a little cornered. Jermell caught an overexcited Castano with a big counterpunch left in two though, and bags it. The pressure fighter got too square. Now he's hiding a little bit, trying to co-operate with the slow pace - i suggest Jermell let him off the hook a bit. The third then ends in fire after Castano returns the favour - it is Jermell who is hurt, Jermell who is troubled at the bell, left hooks, savage stuff. Castano takes charge, Jermell nearly went.

    Jermell is told to stay off the ropes in the corner and he does his best. This forces him to work a bit harder, although he's still fighting a little late for me, no need to actually be cornered before you do so - still, this is a reasonable fight back! I think he poached the fifth, punching often enough to keep Castano honest but not much more...he's got him on the end of his punches in six though, Castano happy to come forward and attack bu Jermell never really let's him control the action even when he's attacking, he has the counter, then he moves. I think he edges these rounds and it's a good recovery. It really is very binary at this point. Castano isnt relaly jabbing in, he's edging in and waiting for Jermell to cave and fight. IN the seventh, this favours Castano who looks a little more organised on defence while Jermell returns to the ropes for the back minute. Another swing, these swings in momentum are mad...and comprehensive! I have Jermell needing the 10th 11th and 12th all to make the draw.

    He sits down on his left and legit hurts Castano in the 10th and this time he presses the advantage: wins this round big, really dominates his man but Castano needs only one of the remaining two for me. He doesn't get eleven-Jermell smashes him back at the back of the final minute, really savage stuff. Another clear Jermell round for me - he battled back and tied it up then busted his man in the rematch, impressive stuff.

    Never seen such dramatic changes of momentum running through clutches of rounds.


  8. Saintpat

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    Jun 26, 2009
    I scored this one again myself a little while back when it was being discussed on a thread. Here’s what I had:

    1 — Leonard 10-9

    2 — Leonard 10-9

    3 — Leonard 10-9 (c)

    4 — Leonard 10-9

    5 — Hagler 10-9 (c)

    6 — Leonard 10-9

    7 — Hagler 10–9

    8 — Hagler 10-9

    9 — Leonard 10-9 (c)

    10 — Hagler 10-9

    11 — Leonard 10-9 (c)

    12 — Hagler 10-9

    My score: Leonard 115-113 (7-5 in rounds)

    I don’t have a problem with any score giving it to either guy close or a draw. There are, as you see from my notes, several rounds that are very close and it depends on which guy’s work you liked more in those rounds. I think Leonard pretty clearly had the better of it early and Hagler pretty clearly had a stretch where he had the better of it. It’s those other rounds that decide it.
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  9. Saintpat

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    Jun 26, 2009
    Michael Spinks (c) vs. Larry Holmes II on April 19, 1986, at the Las Vegas Hilton, scheduled for 15 rounds for Spinks’ IBF (and lineal) heavyweight championship.

    Larry weighs 223 and is 48-1, his only loss coming to Spinks the fall before in their first match.

    Spinks is 28-0 and weighs 205, up about five pounds from their first fight.

    1. Holmes 10-9 — Larry comes out with a lot of aggression, pretty wild, but lands well to the body and with some jabs. Michael does very little but try to let Larry blow off some steam.

    2. Holmes 10-9 — Holmes hurts Spinks in the last 45 seconds with a right hand.

    3. Holmes 10-9 — He walks Spinks down, some jabs get through but mostly Spinks is fighting a negative fight trying to avoid conflict so far.

    4. Holmes 10-9 — Michael lets his hands go a bit but Larry’s body work and jab take it.

    5. Spinks 10-9 — Michael gets busier, ands some good hooks.

    6. Spinks 10-9 — Spinks fights in spurts and works better inside. He’s awkward as hell.

    7. Holmes 10-9 — Clean right hands take it.

    8. Spinks 10-9 — He really gets busy and his jab gets on track late in the round.

    9. Holmes 10-9 — Rocks Spinks with a right hand and works him over a bit.

    10. Spinks 10-9 — Big round for Michael, lots of clean combinations.

    11. Holmes 10-9 (c) — Both do good work with the jab, but I gave it to Larry on the strength of a few good rights and his body work.

    12. Holmes 10-9 — Outworks Spinks, again good body work.

    13. Spinks 10-9 — They’re both tired and leaning on each other; Spinks is busier.

    14. Holmes 10-9 (c) — Difficult round to score. Spinks clearly wins most of it then Larry lands a right hand and comes as close to a knockdown as you can get as Michael sags and barely stops himself from crumbling to the canvas; Larry lands a few more good shots as Spinks survives.

    15. Spinks 10-9: Lot of stalling but he’s busier.

    My card: Holmes 144-141

    Official cards: 144-141 Spinks, 144-141 Holmes, 144-142 Spinks — split decision for Spinks as he retains. AP had Holmes by a point, UPI Spinks by the same.

    I wanted to score this again because I’ve never seen how anyone could give Spinks this fight, and I still don’t.
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  10. Blofeld

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    Sep 27, 2022
    For sure, many of my rounds were very close. If I am honest with myself I feel either a draw or a Leonard win would be the correct results. I really tried to watch it as an unbiased observer, but in a sense that can also affect how you score. I don't feel Marv did enough to win and Leonard displays the most ring generalship. However what is frustrating is that I feel Hagler could have won. If he had started quicker and maybe gone for broke more in the middle rounds when he had Ray backed up. I think it was less todo with Ray winning the fight (brilliant though he was) than Marv loosing it.
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  11. stevic1

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    Oct 18, 2021
    scored qawi-holyfield 144-141 in favour of holyfield,it was a tough one to score, alot of rounds felt really close with neither men backing down
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  12. Blofeld

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    Sep 27, 2022
    Rafael 'Bazooka' Limon vs Bobby Chacon IV

    1 - Limon 10 Chacon 9

    2 - Chacon 10 Limon 9

    3 - Limon 10 Chacon 8

    4 - Chacon 10 Limon 9

    5 - Limon 10 Chacon 9

    6 - Chacon 10 Limon 9

    7 - Chacon 10 Limon 9

    8 - Chacon 10 Limon 9

    9 - Chacon 10 Limon 9

    10 - Limon 10 Chacon 8

    11 - Chacon 10 Limon 10

    12 - Limon 10 Chacon 9

    13 - Chacon 10 Limon 9

    14 - Chacon 10 Limon 9

    15 - Chacon 10 Limon 8

    Chacon 143 - Limon 140

    Brutal war but pretty clearly Bobby's fight, the scoring would be wider but for the two 10-8 rounds against him. He must have been in awesome shape to outlast such a durable warrior as Limon. What surprised me is Bazooka had a decent jab occasionally though most of the time he was just flapping his jab as a range finder. In some parallel universe someone taught him to maximize his height and reach and jab his way to victories. He looked much bigger than Chacon who despite his superior boxing skills had to leap in to score to get past that tangle of arms in the way and so shipped a lot of shots. Some of the body shots were wild, Limon swung his arm back all the way to the back row of seats in the arena. I am not sure if Bobby just loved to slug too much or if it was the height disadvantage but he took way more shots than he should have, he was quicker and more mobile and with more head movement could have slipped most of Limon's haymakers. God knows what a Pernell Whitaker or Floyd Mayweather would do to either of these guys on a technical level but no-one beats them for champion sized hearts and guts!

    One final thought, I think there were plenty of times a modern ref would have stepped in to stop the action, glad they were more bloodthirsty in the 80s and let this one go 15!
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  13. stevic1

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    Oct 18, 2021
    I 100% agree, you could argue that old reffs shortened careers of a lot of fighters by late stoppage or no stoppage at all,but man,so many of the brawls and wars happened just because of that very same late stoppage
    it feels wrong to have these fighters go all out against eachother with the chances of not living a normal life never again but I guess that's what they themselves wanted, chacon could've given up on his own if he really wanted to,I doubt you can stop a man when he's out for victory
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  14. Saintpat

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    Jun 26, 2009
    This is maybe the ultimate prizefight. Those two were made for each other and both as tough as a 10-penny nail driven through a $2 steak. They were incapable of having a bad fight against each other (and against most anyone else for that matter). They honored themselves, boxing and all who appreciate the sport.
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  15. McGrain

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    Mar 21, 2007
    Carlos Adames MD10 Sergiy Derevyanchenko

    Is there anything in this game more wonderful than a MW puncher? Adames doesn't get a KO over Sergiy though, but a skin-of-the-teeth decision. Ah, Adames has decided to box southpaw. Suits him. Does the minimum in a slow round to take advantage of the slow-starting Sergiy. The straight punching is glorious though. He looks likle a puncher. Oooo, savage uppercut in the second, Sergiy is hurt but Adames looks a little unsure about his advantage, but he still lands some nice punches. Sergiy comes back a thim though, not sure he needed to risk that and he does ship another hard right. Savage round. Adames cashes in, too - i got him shutting Sergiy out over the first four. Assuming no KDs, Sergiy needs all remaining rounds to win. Fifth is raucous and although Adames started with pointed one-twos and looked set to add another round, Sergiy finally managed to inflict some mayhem - it's a dogfight after some impressive defensive moves by Adames and in the dogfight, I thought Sergiy just about got the better of it. Adames looked like maybe that showboaty defence on top of all the shots he's been lashing in have winded him. I hope for his sake it is termporary because Sergiy is going to be coming for him.

    Second half of the fight opens with a less violent round, but another for Sergiy, but Adames takes an interesting, possibly fatigued approach in the seventh, seeking very hard single shots to bag his fight round of the fight. He needs one of the final three rounds to get the decision on my card...and I have him getting them, crazy. The 8th round was very very close though and I got no problem with the Adames decision. Fun surges once more, good fights.


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