Thoughts on Crawford vs Brook

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  1. Jamal Perkins

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    Oct 19, 2012
    Brook won the 1st 3 rounds on my card and opened a small gash on Terry,"s eye. However it meant pretty much nothing Crawford is a master...who finds the weakness than goes for it.

    Brook looked much better than amir khan did but than crawford more or less let him...seemed to me crawford wanted to give Arum and the TV company some rounds.

    The injuries an absolutely white hot GGG inflicted were horrific.Brook was winning after 8 against spence imho than the injury and he kind of mentally was done and than suffered more trauma and injuries.

    The Kell who beat porter was elite level...without the ggg fight maybe he even woulda beat spence.

    A shame hes been finished since but a khan-brook fight is 1 og f the last interesting ones in a dying british scene