Tokyo Buster Douglas vs Evander Holyfield

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    I don't think he under-estimated Holyfield, he just partied to much just like Ruiz did for the 2nd Joshua fight. He was out of shape and out of witts he actually looked scared coming in against Holyfield, something he didn't when he came out against the baddest man on the planet. He was also obviously out of shape but he looked physically and emotionally tired. Happens to a lot of sports stars who win unexpectedly, it's all new and unplanned. His dreams of becoming a heavyweight champ had probably fizzled out years before he got the tune up fight with Tyson and then he wins possibly the biggest upset in boxing history. A lot to handle for anybody let alone someone already going through a tough time. Holyfield wasn't even on his radar he would of showed up the same if his next fight was against prime Ali. Maybe if he had the right coaches around him it would of made a difference, or maybe not?
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    Yes i agree.

    What i meant was that if Douglas got title shot aginst Holyfield who is undisputed champ he would be motivated and performed a lot better.

    I agree that Douglas would most likely allways be unmotivated after huge win like that.

    But then again to beat two ATG back to back i dont think many Hw could do that.

    Tyson and Holy are both top 15 all time Hw Imo
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