Tom Little is going to beat Babic

Discussion in 'British Boxing Forum' started by lepinthehood, Nov 19, 2020.

  1. Journey Man

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    Aug 22, 2009
    Cheaper than PPV. Done.
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  2. PaddyGarcia

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    Feb 13, 2014
  3. PatCash

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    Aug 9, 2019
    All gypsys are amazing boxers just like all asians are black belts in karate
  4. Inglis_1

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    Aug 4, 2018
    Exactly. Allen would suffer brain damage if he were to go up against the savage!
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  5. Accurate

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    May 3, 2018
    Talk about stating the obvious.
  6. Connews

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    Nov 22, 2014
    Babic looked very raw but anyone who isn’t tough or doesn’t really want to be there then he’ll just unload on them until they quit.

    He’s exciting to watch and could get a couple of decent wins if matched correctly but realistically at some point he’ll reach a level where being so crude just won’t work. Any borderline world level heavyweight who is 6ft3+ with a decent jab and a bit of power shouldn’t have any problem in dealing with him as long as they don’t get caught flush in the first 2/3 rounds.

    As for Little, how can the commentators say he’s worked hard to get in shape. He looked grossly out of shape, if that was him in better shape than usual he deserves nothing. It’s embarrassing for him to even be considered a professional athlete.

    I never understand how people like that get to the level they have. Surely there are hundreds of heavyweights up and down the country who are more dedicated and would beat him easily. I mean it’s not like he is particularly skilled or has any outstanding attributes.
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  7. Little brian

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    Jul 21, 2019
    Babic is a tiny heavyweight. The likes of price knock him spark out.
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  8. Furious

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    Nov 2, 2017
    Wouldn’t be surprised if they try and do Babic vs Lartey on the AJ undercard, although it’s likely Lartey will have a suspension actually. They’ll try and put Babic on anyway I’m sure.
  9. Murderers' Row

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    Apr 23, 2020
    Lartey? God no.. Babic would him have him for breakfast.

    Lets put him in there with Pricey.
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  10. GTFUP

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    Dec 12, 2015
    Overhyped dwarf of a HW that won’t get anywhere so let’s stop this BS train.
  11. On The Money

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    Apr 4, 2012
    Still far from convinced by Babic but he could be carefully matched with journeyman and cans into a good payday or two.
  12. Furious

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    Nov 2, 2017
    That’ll be the plan. It’s obvious he’s limited but he’s got good novelty value and is fairly fun for the casual audience.
  13. N17

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    Feb 16, 2013
    This isn't going to last very long, Babic is already being shredded on social media, he is poor, very poor, and very small.

    Even casual fans know Babic is a gimmick and Hearn has reacted badly to it, Hearn doesn't like it.

    Hearn has a problem, he can't move Babic on that quickly, he will get ruined against a decent heavyweight but he also can't keep sticking him with the likes of Tom Little, it's being criticised already.

    You can't give Babic the big build up, pretend to be terrified of him, call him THE SAVAGE and play on this persona and then stick him in with Tom Little or worse.

    Hearn just wants to fill Dave Allen and David Price boots, he wants a gimmick that creates interest down the cards, maybe sells a few tickets or PPV's, Babic fits the bill in some ways but he will need to step him up, he can't be fighting the likes of Tom Little or worse every few months.

    Hearn needs card fillers, that's all, ticket sellers, he doesn't give a toss about quality or ability when it comes to this side of his business... see Dave Allen.
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  14. The Townsend

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    Mar 21, 2019
    Little did well then didnt he mate
  15. EJC83

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    Jan 20, 2019
    The thing about Babic vs Little is, as bad as it is, Dubois fought Little in his 8th pro fight, David Price fought Tom Little in his 29th pro fight, it's not that bad for Babic's 6th pro fight but they can't go backwards now, I reckon Kamil has an opportunity to step in here and upset another career.
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