Tommy Morrison vs Rocky Marciano

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    Feb 15, 2006
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    Morrison by KO
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    Marciano won through his strength and power .... he simply does not match up well with many larger men ... as a cruiserweight he is an all time great ... he is an all time great pound for pound fighter .. but matching him up against guys 40 pounds and more who are murderous punchers with serious skill sets is asking too much ..
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    Feb 15, 2006
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    Who did Earnie Shavers actually KO?
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    Hmmm, Louis never fought a southpaw but Moorer was fairly incosistent especially during a fight where he would leave his defence very open. Nr1 reason he got KOd by Foreman.

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    But after reading this article I'm certain Moorer would have a very good shot at beating Louis.
    He was a very big lhw while Melio bettina is smaller than Moorer.
    Moorer also had elite power at lhw and a very good jab.

    The fact is: Louis publicly ducked the lhw champion because he was a southpaw.
    Not just Melio, but all southpaws.
    Also since Melio was reigning he would be around 175 lbs, that would mean Louis refused a man who was 25-35 lbs lighter, and while extra weight above 215 starts having little impact, under 200 lbs it has a lot of impact. Pretty sad actually.
    No we're whining Fury doesn't want to fight Pulev, what an outcry it would be if Fury refuses a fight with Chad Dawson, yet Louis gets a green card.

    So you're right on this, now supported with a news article and Louis his own words.

    Even prime Louis might not be the favourite.
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    Jan 3, 2007
    Morrison has been overrated as of late on this forum. Yes he was a dangerous south paw who could hit and even show heart from time to time. But the guy failed in some major fights and even some that weren't so major. In 1993, I watched a ring worn carl Williams give Morrison absolute hell. Ross Purity decked him twice and fought him to a draw.. Michael Bentt who's career never went anywhere stopped him in one.. There is no reason whatsoever why he should be favored over all time greats - Not even ones who were 185 lbs. Had he not been so carefully matched early in his career, its likely that he would have lived the track of a high end journeyman or good club fighter...
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    Aug 26, 2004
    I seen Morrison wobbled by a light fisted Russian Heavyweight and destroyed in 1 by Bent and wrecked by Mercer, I can only imagine what happens when a ATG puncher lands one on his middleweight chin. Marciano got hit by punchers and pinpoint punchers and I never saw him hurt....Marciano by KO as soon as the mixing starts
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    I believe that was Yuri Vaulin. I saw that fight and vividly remember watching Vaulin as a prospect. He was nothing special to say the least, and yes he had morrison outboxed for part of the five rounds they fough.. Enough so to the point where Morrison resorted to hitting below the belt.. Tommy was not world class.
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    Can't anyone get their basic facts straight on this board? No, he was not a southpaw. He threw a great left hook from the orthodox position.

    This match-up is a lot harder to figure than initial blush. Firstly, there is the functional size discrepancy. However, beyond the height and reach advantages that Morrison possessed, the muscle mass, we now know, was artificially enhanced. The question is how much did that amplify his power. He threw a very natural, God-given left hook. There was nothing contrived about that. But still questions must remain about the advantages steroids provided him in a head to head context.

    The other factor is that Tommy was a drunk, a drug-addict and a serial womanizer. He had serious psychological problems rooted in his youth (did your dad take you to whorehouses when you were 13?).. For him, training was most often on the back burner and lacked serious focus. Thus, efforts like the Bentt fight (in his hometown where all the distractions were readily available)..

    If I were to bet on this fight, I would bet that the best version of Tommy would not arrive and that Marciano survives a few scares, and probably getting decked, to come back and win this one. Rocky was consistent in his preparation and performance. Despite his physical shortcomings, that would prove the winning factor.
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    Dec 31, 2009
    The steroids made him heavier, explosive at restricted intervals and unreliable. Like a lot of heavywights artificially enhanced you wonder what kind of of advantage it is in a long fight against somone who ordinarily would surpass tht level naturally because so many hit a wall and gass out. There is also the roid rage to contend with. where is the clear head required within the eye of the storm?

    Ok, a thin guy with a fair punch might make it a bit further in his career by being enhanced because for the most part like all prospects he would be navigated around as many opponents who could actually fight throughout his development and the limitations of the enhanced fighter is less likely to be exposed until world level. But largely this is also true of the non enhanced fighter.

    The only difference is the enhanced guy will look more spectacular on the highlight reel against the low level fall guys where his advantages are amplified that much more. Against people who can actually fight however this is not the case.

    The limitations of having to ration out the explosive short spells whilst trying to live with the guy skilled enough to predict, react and take the initiative in relation to what his opponent is doing will always level things out. The size itself can be a hindrance if you are carrying an excess against a good fighter who wont let you rest.

    This cannot be exposed whilst bottom feeding against fodder or even against another enhanced manufactured performer encumbered with the same limitations but it absolutely will against a guy who was always destined to dominate at world level. Greatnes can overcome an artficial size advantage.
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    Oct 30, 2011
    Archie Moore did not get Marciano wobbly. He dropped him for 2 or 3 count, Marciano went right back at him.
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    Dec 31, 2009
    He also prevented Archie (an expert finisher who beat both #1 and #2 heavyweight contenders to get that shot) from nailing him when he did get up.