Tony Bellew

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    Although Haye done his best to hide it and Sky just about completed ignored it, the news was out days before the 1st fight about Haye's trip to Germany for urgent medical attention/advice - he was informed that the fight should be delayed by at least 6 months and we seen what happened when his foot nearly fell off during the fight.

    The slow ring walk was because he was struggling to walk and the giant white nappy was on to deflect attention from the limp.

    Haye is simply a World Class Conman and that huge bag of PPV Loot was all that he cared about.

    Now he has a Ricky Burns type legacy that should have been much better on paper.
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    I never realised this, but you're right - Bellew never beat a champion not at British, European or even them fisher price intercontinental silver belts. Quite surprising to be fair.

    Bellew had a good career for as much as I dislike him. His Cruiserweght time was good and he was a solid contender at that weight, without ever in danger of becoming the man of the division.