Top 25 Heavyweight Fights

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  1. Tramell

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    Sep 21, 2012
    Revising to 25(Favorite) Heavyweight Fights & Why!

    1. Ali vs Williams (virtuoso performance he did it all, body attack, combos, slipping, footwork, busted him up )
    2. Holyfield vs Bowe I (2 primed undefeated in my era who gave us skills, brawling & round of the year)
    3. Cooper vs Mercer (brutal war start to finish, ballooned jaw Mercer. Every punch thrown was with bad intentions)
    4. Norton vs Holmes (more action in their 15th round then most HW's 1st round- Larry had to EARN this)
    5. Ali -Frazier Rumble in Jungle (great contrast of styles, swelled up Frazier, breathless Ali-they gave it their all)
    6. Foreman vs Lyle (rockem sockem robots that began with one of the best stare downs ever)
    7. Tua vs Ibeabuchi (most punches thrown in a HW fight or top 3? what chins these guys had!)
    8. Ali vs Foreman (1st round Ali made it known he could land & often- add on significance of fight made it a historical event)
    9. Dempsey vs Tunney I (GT was gr8 at keeping distance, threw great counters & timed well, I think Tunney whips most today)
    10. Tyson vs Ruddock II (gr8 power from both. knockdowns & lots of fouls, Tyson's best in terms of taking some 2 give some)
    11. Lewis vs Briggs ( Cannon came out strong, then got out boxed, outgunned & outfought- gr8 action fight)
    12. Louis vs Conn ( Billy out boxed the ****ens outta Joe, but stayed inside 2 long & felt the wrath of the bomber!)
    13. Bowe vs Gonzalez (Jorge talked so much smack, it was a joy to see Riddick beat him with no mercy, lopsided by enjoyable!)
    14. Tyson vs Spinks (short, but this fight validated how bad Tyson actually was)
    15. louis vs schmeling II ( took the fight to Max. Feinted that right, loaded up with left hook, sets up the right hand bomb)
    16. Tyson vs Stewart ( Holy & Moorer had to battle this dude, yet Mike beat the brakes off him)
    17. Cobb vs Shavers ( hey, I like HW rockem sockem fights!)
    18. Liston vs WIlliams (Under rated fight, gr8 skills, power punching, solid jabs, close range ebb in flow war)
    19. Holmes vs Witherspoon (15 fights old- some say Tim was robbed & rd 9?! He beat Larry all over the ring & Holmes still countered)
    20. Tua vs Ruiz ( short & sweet annihilation)
    21. Marciano vs Walcott ( Joe proved he could still bang, one KO one UD over Charles set up fight, Rock crushed him old or not)
    22. Holyfield vs Moorer II (outboxed him dropped him stopped him, a masterpiece performance)
    23. Moorer vs Cooper (rockem sockem robots & only fight Bert didn't want to continue, ref saw it, waived it off)
    24. Ali vs Liston (sweet science, fast hands he arrived)
    25. Clay vs Doug Jones ( Cassius had to fight his way to a win, this was a war!)
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  2. Heavy_Hitter

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    Jul 7, 2018
    Ruiz Joshua is number one for me at the moment. I can watch this fight over and over.
  3. KO Artist

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    Aug 29, 2018
    erm...where is Ali v Foreman? You know, the most famous fight of all time?
  4. OvidsExile

    OvidsExile God Bless America Full Member

    Aug 28, 2012
    It's famous for the upset but it isn't really an enjoyable fight to watch.

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