Top 6 Sport Concussion Myth's

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    Jun 12, 2019

    Video by myself as I say in the video sport concussion doesn't have to be feared by boxer's, guy's like Henry Milligan and Nicky Piper show you can have a very high IQ and a successful career as a professional boxer whilst being outside the ring as well.

    Staying informed on the issue may help. There may be some kind of currently unknown mechanism that may explain why some guys develop issues whilst others are perfectly fine.
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    Dec 11, 2011
    Sport is very healthy for brain, unless you get hit too often. I believe if you start to train boxing in early age, your brain would develop better than if you didn't train. The problem is when low IQ idiots start to train believing if they are stupid, that they must be good in fighting. I know too many of them, and they are probably the majority of combat sports athletes (or better - gym-goers). They also quit very fast, when they get ktfo by some quiet skinny geek.

    Btw, for the "rest" part, I think that the rest from the sport you got concussed is good, but not the rest from sport overall. My coach told me that when you get KTFO, you should wait at least a year before getting punched in head again (for the amateurs). While you wait, you should train boxing, but without sparring, and do all other sports that will get you better. Of course, pros make money out of fighting, so this rule doesn't apply to them. A lot of amateur prospects would also neglect this, but the truth is, it would be good for brain health to get a rest from getting punched in the head.
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    Boxing is massacre for your brain, every top boxer has cognitive problems, they can not properly speak, they mix up dates and names all the time, it is one of the worst things you can do to your brain.
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