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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Mitchell_NY, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Mitchell_NY

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    Jan 2, 2005
    Just starting a new training regiment tomorrow:

    3 Gallons of Water/Tea Mix through out the day
    500 Situps with a 12 lb medicine ball in sets
    500 Push ups using perfect push ups in sets
    1 hour tread Mill, at 4 miles per hour pace
    10 Minutes Speed Bag
    10 Minutes Double End Bag
    90 Minutes Heavybag

    I am 6'3 235 lbs, 30 years old. Thoughts?
  2. PugilisticPower

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    May 4, 2008
    Limited point in this type of exercise because you won't be gaining anything from it except muscle endurance, rather than muscle explosiveness, speed, skill and actual strength.

    Unless you're a professional athlete and can afford to train four hours a day and rest for eight while having absolute premium nutrition, this will not give you any gains
  3. Juxhin

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    As he just said, muscle endurance.. obviously depending on your goal. If you want to be fitter for Boxing then i suggest mixing things up. Interval running / Altitude Running. Pad word, Skip rope, Shadowboxing with 2Kg Weights, Sparring etc. etc. A nice quote they told me was "To get fit for boxing you must.. Box" No point on doing endless floorwork and think your fit. :lama
  4. PugilisticPower

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    May 4, 2008
    If you want to be a fighter, get used to a 3 minute on, 1 minute off pattern with the use of supersets and active rests, ensure every exercise is giving you more than one muscle group and that it's an explosive movement. What is said above is absolutely true, if you want to be a boxer, you have to box, you have to spar - but also get your body clock working to the rhythm that suits what you're going to be doing.

    Hence 3 minutes on, 1 minute off is a good way of getting used to powerful explosive movements (punching) combined with leg work (footwork) and core work (movement, pivoting, strength) and then being able to recover in the mini breaks you get in rounds combined with the longer break at the end of the round.
  5. PugilistStudent

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    Nov 25, 2009
    Theres alot to improve on with this but some good too. Basically you dont want your routine so one dimensional.

    You dont need to do 500 of anything a day for boxing. If the # appeals to you and feels like you accomplished something (I like 100) then make it throwing 500 (split between 1-5) combinations slowly with perfect form in the air. Technique improves speed AND power so if theres anything to go gung-ho on its that.

    Your obviously wanting endurance but boxing uses and needs more than enduring chest, shoulders, triceps and ab muscles. You could instead merge cardio and your bodyweight exercises, itd better prepare you for boxing than your long slow running and takes less time too(leaving more time for other training or rest). For example.

    (Do 60 seconds of each, then :45 of each, :30 each, :15 each)

    If done hard and fast youll pack in alot of each exercise and will greatly boost your cardio. If youd like more examples check for excellent examples (I suggest the articles too). You could do the above 3 times a week, jog 3 times a week, and do a short whole body strength routine a few times. If you want an example I can provide one if you tell me your equipment or lack of.

    With the abs you should do a good deal of work on rotation(russian twists), anti-rotation (1 arm planks), and anti-flexion (planks, ab wheel rollouts) as well. You can even hit your abs with the med ball you have during some exercises and even throw it various was for power development.

    Split the bag work up into rounds. Its good that you have access to them. Remember to focus on rhythm with the speedbag and snappyness with the double end bag.

    Too much heavybag, cut that in half and do half that as shadowboxing (45:00 each). The reason for that is wear and tear on YOU and youll develop bad habits (pausing after throwing a combo, dropping your hands, standing still, etc) with that much heavybag work. Split the bag work up with other bags like a wrecking ball bag and an uppercut bag too if you have access (not necessary though).

    The tea is great, especially if its green tea. Theres caffeine in tea too (more in black) so consider some decaffinated as well.