Tyson Fury claims he cannot retire due to depression.

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Austinboxing, Nov 10, 2022.

  1. senpai

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    May 18, 2021
    He will retire before and after his loss to Usyk.

    He is type of a guy who will do anything for attention, maybe even fake is own death
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  2. Juan carlos

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    Aug 31, 2019
    after usyk sleeps with what excuse will they come out to criticize him?
  3. Sallywynder

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    Apr 3, 2022
    "Dont stop while the music is in you..".

    A warrior needs to lead a warrior way of life. You cant just quit being who you are built to be. A warrior doesnt have to fight, but he needs to still live a warriors life. Commitment, respect, risk, physical and mental stress, clean living, glory, however its achieved.

    Getting beaten in the ring wont stop the need for Fury to continue a warrior life.

    Just find ways to keep being a warrior. (find some challenges) Goes for all boxers really..

  4. box33

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    Jul 25, 2021
    Hey, it was really Boar meat.
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  5. box33

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    Jul 25, 2021
    Oh Joker your being too kind today the "lowest risk possible"? & not the "lowest of lowest risk, while in between retiring, stacking the deck & never facing a fighter in his Prime",

    There fixed it for you,

    You've thrown a bone today, how nice.
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  6. fencik45

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    Jun 6, 2022
    Everything the guy says is either idiotic or bs.
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