Tyson Fury-Deontay Wilder III PPV: Just Under 600,000 Buys

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Perkin Warbeck, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. Perkin Warbeck

    Perkin Warbeck Richard Duke of York Full Member

    Nov 4, 2017
  2. navigator

    navigator "Billy Graham? He's my man." Full Member

    Nov 5, 2017
    Around 250,000 buys less than last time, no? Actually not bad, given the circs. And those who didn't buy this time might now wish they had, in light of the post-fight buzz.
  3. drenlou

    drenlou The Real KING OF THE HILL! Full Member

    Jan 22, 2015
    Still a success, given the fact Wilder was supposed to get demolished with no chance in hell!
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  4. Brighton bomber

    Brighton bomber Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    Apr 4, 2005
    Obviously wasn't going to do as well as last time but it's a lot better than the first fight, so it goes to show how they've grown in popularity since the first fight. Solid numbers, could of been a lot worse considering many saw this 3rd fight as a foregone conclusion.
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  5. Lesion of Doom

    Lesion of Doom Well-Known Member Full Member

    Jan 21, 2015
    I thought it would be like 350k, so this is great. Good for them, because the people who ordered surely got their money's worth.

    Maybe this will enable TR to bring Usyk to Las Vegas for the unification.
  6. Dementia Pugulistica

    Dementia Pugulistica Active Member Full Member

    Nov 24, 2005
    So nobody cares that there were COMMERCIALS during this so called PPV event? PPV can **** off and die! When I first started buying PPVs in the 80s it was for the express reason of avoiding the damned commercials. Then It started with short 15 second ads, I seem to remember a proper 12 commercial during a recent PPV. Now it's full blown ads, just like the old days of network tv. Every event I am reminded that I made the right decision avoiding PPVs.
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  7. boxfap

    boxfap MasterGardianElite Full Member

    Aug 2, 2014
    I know a lot of people who watched this fight through "unofficial means" that would normally happily pay for fights. I expected it to be 25-30% down on fight 2
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  8. ForemanJab

    ForemanJab Boxing Junkie Full Member

    May 8, 2014
    Not bad considering it was a fight there wasn’t any demand or hype for.
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  9. Deew

    Deew Active Member Full Member

    May 4, 2009
    My high quality pirated stream had no commercials
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  10. Vegan Beast

    Vegan Beast Well-Known Member Full Member

    Aug 19, 2020
    It was the best fight of the 3.
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  11. Trafford

    Trafford Well-Known Member Full Member

    Sep 29, 2018
    Great fight and drama....

    Those numbers means it likely didnt even break even..
  12. Puroresu_Fan

    Puroresu_Fan Boxing Addict Full Member

    Apr 6, 2016
    Not a shock. Anyone who thought this would do more than the second fight were crazy. Its hard to sell a fight when the previous fight was so conclusive.
  13. MrBarry465

    MrBarry465 Member Full Member

    Jun 17, 2021
    I still don't understand why they don't realise that had this fight been in the UK it would have likely done huge numbers and sold out a stadium....
  14. Puroresu_Fan

    Puroresu_Fan Boxing Addict Full Member

    Apr 6, 2016
    Sold out a stadium?

    Based on what?

    Why would 60k+ buy tickets for a fight where one fighter is the overwhelming favourite?
  15. Dubblechin

    Dubblechin Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    Jun 25, 2014
    So does that make it the most stolen PPV in boxing history? :rolleyes: (LOL)

    Funny how everyone somehow managed to watch it despite the buy totals.

    Still, about a $50 million take in the U.S. alone considering the cost of the PPV was so high.