Tyson Fury on Anthony Joshua: 'He's only for cleaning Gyms, if you want an easy win - fight him.

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    Oct 29, 2012
    Good enough for me. The next 6 months of HW boxing will definitely answer both of our questions and guess we'll just have to await some outcomes.
  2. CooperKupp

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    Aug 28, 2022
    I can actually envision that happening for the 4th time. Crazy as it sounds.

    John Fury: “Listen… Chisora is a proven warrior with a resume FAR better than anyone in the division!!! Nobody else wants to fight him!!! Nobody! So My Son,THE GYPSY KING, will step up to the plate once again!!!! Usyk??? He priced himself out!!!!”

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    Jun 4, 2014
    Muhahahahha some people still can't get over that AJ beat Ruiz to oblivion and won a 12-0 in the rematch. They are still crying over that fight.
    I guess it was hard to spill all the b.c. talk before the rematch that AJ can't move and jab and not getting hit for 12 rounds. They were saying he has ZERO chance, as he can't change his style in such a short period, he this, he that, blq, blq, blq.
    And then after the fight they just make all kind of excuses that Ruiz was out of shape, that was terrible performance, blq, blq, blq, again all kind of excuses.

    AJ is going to beat Fury to oblivion.
    AJ hands down has the best resume in Boxing by far. And he alongside Usyk and few others like Zhang and Joyce are the one that doesn't care who their opponent is, and are always ready to fight.