Tyson was on another level compared to Wilder, Fury and Joshua

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    Jul 22, 2019
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    I think this article explains well what some fans of Wilder, Fury and Joshua will never admit. Completely agreed with this disamine. Tyson but also Holyfield, Lewis, Bowe and Klitschkos were of another level.
    Are you agree?
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    Oct 23, 2011
    Cool story bro

    Mike Tyson's resume is poor. Bruno and Spinks. pfff.

    His prime lasted 2 years before he went off the rails

    Tyson Fury beats all the men you just named in 2nd gear whilst eating a burrito.

    Klitscko's we're a generation of superheavys who went uncontested mostly due to size advantage. An old lennox knocked Vitali off his throne though. Then when Fury came he slapped Wlad around the ring like the dosser he is. Fury is a different breed through because he does things men his size shouldn't be able to do.

    AJ right now is a couple of steps above where Wlad was before he got KO'd for the first time.

    Fury meanwhile is on a different planet altogether and all of the division knows it.

    It took Wilder what 40 fights? before he realized the route to stardom is a hard fought graft stepping up finally against a 50 year old Ortiz before Fury decimated him. Thing is stardom isn't truly what Wilder wanted, he was just after $$$ then he came across a born and bred fighting man who fights for FUN not for fame or fortune.

    I could rant for days but the only thing that matters and must be understood is Tyson Fury will be the GOAT in 5 years time. It's a shame we can't bring back prime Lennox to put up a fight against him.


    Any heavyweight in history dumb or not skilled enough to get out of the way of a prime Mike Tyson deserves knocking out. To be honest all of the men he fought in his prime we're ALREADY BEATEN MEN when they got in that ring. You think Tyson Fury would get in that ring and be scared? No he'd take him deep and drown him...or get knocked over by him early before rising and eating him up.
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    Feb 4, 2012
    How is the Tyson hype still going this strong?

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    Feb 22, 2020
    Tyson was awesome for 3 years & beats all 3 in that time. He beats Wilder at any time in his career.
    Fury would give Tyson problems outside of his peak & could do a ‘Douglas’.
    Joshua is a tricky one. He could get lucky, but only if Iron Mike is very poor.
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  5. George Crowcroft

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    Mar 3, 2019
    Is it really hype, though? Pinklon Thomas never gets much love, but I'd put good money that whilst on form, he could do everything that Joshua and Wilder have done. I'd wager Tony Tucker would beat Wilder.

    Tyson is more proven than the 3 today. People picking him aren't buying into the 'hype', they're actually picking the much more proven guy.
  6. Sugar 88

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    Feb 4, 2012
    Tyson's competition wasn't as great - or a terrible - as many would have you believe but I genuinely believe he's the most overhyped fighter of all time. His highlight reel looks great but h2h I just don't see him as this beast his fans do. That he was getting smacked around by Greg Page in sparring he chose to make unnecessarily competitive shows where he was at in the grand scheme of things.

    Wilder's what a more coddled Tommy Morrison could of been and Joshua obviously has vulnerabilities but it's not like the people like Bruno didn't nearly get to Tyson in his heyday.
  7. George Crowcroft

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    Mar 3, 2019
    Yeah sure, that's all well and good but look at it properly. Those critiques are awfully small. Page got to him once in sparring (who hasn't had bad sessions?) and Page was very talented. Bruno didn't really get to him too, he landed like 3 times flush, them got demolished. Twice. Pinky, Williams, Tucker Biggs, Smith, Berbick, Rudduck, Golota, Holmes, Spinks ect. ect. that's a helluva lot better than what guys today have.

    Look at what he did to Berbick and Holmes (I know they're far from the pinnacle of the sport, fyi) but NO-ONE did that to them. A prime Holyfield couldn't come close to doing what Tyson did to Holmes. Look at Berbick, aside from Mercado (who was a dynamite puncher himself, vs an incredibly green Berbick), could do what Tyson did to him. At 42 years old, Berbick went 10 with Rahman. Berbick took shots off Douglas, Bey, Page, Tate, Holmes, Snipes, Pinky ect. and didn't budge him... and Tyson obliterated him.

    Now, make no mistake, I'm not claiming Tyson as the GOAT or whatever, I'm just pointing out that whilst putting Tyson under a very thin microscope, which you did, put him under, makes him look bad, it can also make him look like a walking God.

    Point being, Tyson is awful for Joshua and Wilder, and pretty bad for Fury. Not to mention, more proven and visibly better than all 3. It's hardly buying into the 'hype'.
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    Feb 9, 2008
    nah, once u remove Tyson's scary invincible aura, he's nothing... just a scared little bully. Holyfield declassified him with ease, so did Lewis. Spinks could have beat him as well, if he didn't believe the hype about mike... same with Holmes... it's a shame, because the same happened with Wilder.... his hype is gone, now he is there for the taking. just like Mike.
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    Mar 1, 2010
    Mike Tyson will forever be polarizing due to his behavior.. Yes he is recognized as a great and he did great things.. But it’s his own doing as to why many ranks him in the range of being the greatest HW to not being a top 10 HW at all.. We could have had a definitive answer on his career had held up his end of the bargain and beaten Buster Douglas to set up the ultimate peak HW clash against an undefeated prime Holyfield.. The fight was already signed and Tyson goes and get KO’d by in retrospect a bum whom Holyfield KO’d in round 3 the very next fight..

    It’s his fault that he missed a great HW era when the likes of Bowe, Mercer, Lennox Lewis, McCall, Moorer etc.. were around. He was an ATG talent whole unfortunately didn’t get to show that talent against an elite in the ring.. Ali lost almost 4 years of his prime and still came back and beat all the top HWs in the historically great 70s era so Tyson does not deserve the excuse of being past prime in the 90s when he was still in his 20s
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    Nov 22, 2014
  11. Fat_asian

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    Dec 8, 2019
    Tis true, he was a killing machine/ wrecking ball. His system of throwing punches in straight succession would have kod them. All they would have to do is shout out number s to Mike. He was cold and calculated. Most of his work was done in the gym, helping him brutally learn the nuances of knocking people out.

    How many times would fury be able to push him off of himself before getting kod by a prime kid that could go 12.
    How would Wilder be able to fight backwards constantly?
    Aj: Ruiz< Tyson. Styles make fights.
  12. Heavy_Hitter

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    Jul 7, 2018
    Who is older? Old gradpa Lennox, who fought V.Klitschko or prime Wlad, who lost to Fury?
  13. Rico Spadafora

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    Feb 20, 2008
    Tyson was a mental midget that got beat up by the best fighters of his era. Exciting fighter but that doesn’t make up for his losses.
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    Aug 18, 2019
    In his first thirty five fights Mike Tyson faced seven (7) current or former world champions and destroyed them. How many did AJ, Fury or Wilder face in their first thirty five fights?
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    Mar 5, 2020
    Mike was operating on another level but AJ fought the better fighters in a short period coming into the pros and didn’t have the same numbers Tyson had , he unified in 19 fights . Had M. Tyson fought Klitschko in his 19th fight no way does he win it . The question is who will be operating at an actual Mike Tyson level under Rooney in those years ? Probably no one but AJ does have the size and skills to surpass even 18 yr old Mike , but will he ? I’d say yea . If the Fury fight unfolds I think he wins that one and then goes on to defend against hard Hrgovic and would have to solidify a Usyk win after Pulev. Hard resume to out do .