Tyson's training vs. Patterson's training

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    What refinements and additions do you think D'Amato's training system underwent between the careers of Patterson and Tyson? Would each have recognized the other's system and technique as basically identical? Or are there significant differences for someone who looks closely?

    Is this a case of Peekaboo 1.0 and Peekaboo 2.0, or was the D'Amato system basically a finished product by 1960?
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    When Cus and Kevin were training MIke, they used tape recorded sequences to fire Tyson's punches, and had him train on his own with those. 2,7,4,6,6, with each number assigned to a specific punch and type. The primary function of this, I believe, was not to train Mike in combination training but rather to enable Ronney's "remote control" input to matter. So he would shout out combos, sometimes, from ringside. This is interesting because they were sort of trying to make him into an automation whereas Patterson was a developed and deployed fighter.

    Cus wasn't jobbing where Mike was concerned, he knew that was his last chance and he was distilling his approach, I think.

    As for the differences on fight night, Tyson clearly used more planes of movement, he was up and down and all around. Of course, Mike didn't have Patterson's speed :ciappa:
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    I would of thought pretty similar. Obviously Mike had more power but what footage I’ve seen of the early years of Mike’s training seems to indicate Speed, Accuracy, Movement and Punch placement in terms of accuracy. That’s the boxing side. The road work, calisthenics and diet not too sure. But would of thought pretty similar.
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    Working with pads. The sudden shifts in angle was also noting I ever saw Patterson deploy.
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    Everything would be different. Different words, drills, exercises. But the same... Does that make sense? All with an identical purpose just suited for Mike I imagine. I think an example would be Torres, look how he fought compared to Patterson, look how Patterson fought compared to Mike big differences as a whole between all of them and that would require lots of little differences in training but the same bones were there no doubt. Check out the middleweight he trained, the tall one Haney I think his name is he's on YouTube he goes into depth about Cus's training like very few have.
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