UFC 234

Discussion in 'MMA Forum' started by james5000, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. james5000

    james5000 2010's poster of the decade Full Member

    Apr 11, 2010

    Looking forward to this, 1st MMA card in a long while I can actually say that

    I am a kiwi so this card has a bit extra for me
  2. shanemfr

    shanemfr Boxing Addict Full Member

    Aug 29, 2004
    Rob is gonna have to fight smarter than ever and keep distance. I see kelvin far more dangerous than Yoel over the rounds due to he can carry big power in both hands through a fight, he doesn't have to load up or explode to use it, It happens naturally when it looks like he is throwing an average shot.
  3. The Funny Man 7

    The Funny Man 7 Boxing Addict Full Member

    Apr 1, 2005
    I made a post months ago when this was announced saying that Whittaker vs. Gastelum is probably the most excited I've ever been for an mma fight. Honestly my enthusiasm is basically at Morales vs. Pacquiao I or Mosley vs. Cotto levels.

    Rob is the superior fighter in terms of discipline, fight IQ, and technique. He basically grappled on even terms with Olympic silver medalist Yoel Romero and Mundials/ADCC champ Jacare Souza. But Gastelum has lights out power in his left, a slashing right hook, and the chin of a 185 lbs. Gerry Penalosa. Also, although he doesn't have the well-rounded BJJ of Jacare, he has a series of back-takes that are seemingly unstoppable.

    I'm also interested to see Nadia Kassem return to the cage. She looked great in her debut but had a series of back injuries. She's dangerous, and I also think she's mighty fine! But I might be biased, since I've always had a fascination with Middle Eastern girls. Check out her Instagram and judge for yourself:
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  4. KelandBeave

    KelandBeave Fab 4 Full Member

    Jun 27, 2013
    Whittaker by points or Gastelum by KO
  5. Francis75

    Francis75 FAB 4 Full Member

    Oct 1, 2007
    I think Whittaker probably wins but Gastelum will definitely give him a very tough/competitive fight.

    DONT B SCARED Pimpin Aint Easy Full Member

    Mar 8, 2017
    This is 1 of the few events I'm going to miss seeing live here and I'm still pissed off I wasn't quick enough to get a ticket for it as it sold out within like 10 minutes,which is probably why the UFC is taking the **** of the aussie fans with such an absolute garbage undercard for what is supposed to be a big PPV event.
    It still would have been worth it to see the exciting co main with ATG Silva against future star Adesanya and this title fight main event between 2 young guys in there prime
  7. Boxingfan200

    Boxingfan200 USYK #1 P4P Full Member

    Feb 5, 2017
    damn just looked att main card one of the worse I ever seen for PPV... trying to charge me $60 for a 42 year old Anderson silva in co main event? and the other 3 fights under him suck... SAM ALVEY on ppv? :risas3: the ppv buys on this card gonna be low disgusting by dana and the ufc.
  8. james5000

    james5000 2010's poster of the decade Full Member

    Apr 11, 2010
    Israel is probably the most innovative stand up fighter around. He puts some beautiful combos together.

    I don't think he has the power of a prime Anderson but he has more tools in the box standing up at least. Anderson also had a very sharp BJJ game and really was a complete fighter.

    I imagine had this match up occured in his prime he would have refused to go to the mat and Israel would have had a chance.

    I actually expect Israel to pick him apart tbh, too young and fresh. Too much speed and versatility.

    Rob beats Kelvin in a tough scrap. I expect Rob to get hurt at some point but can't see Kelvin finishing him. Robs superior gas tank will take over and he could get a later stoppage.

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