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Cory Sandhagen Vs TJ Dillashaw

  1. Cory Sandhagen

  2. TJ Dillashaw

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  1. Fares S.

    Fares S. New Member Full Member

    T.J Dillashaw vs Cory Sandhagen: The Brawl of the Former Teammates.

    I was heartbroken when it didn't happen the first time around but am pumped that they were able to reschedule! T.J got caught during drilling he said and opened up a gash above his eye. Makes me wonder if that'll play any sort of factor coming into this one.

    There are so many other questions that I am asking myself coming into this. I don't want to sound like an old record but what if T.J isn't the same without the enhancers? What if the ring rust places a factory? Cory has been very active that past few years. That'll be 9th fight since 2018.
    Now that T.J has enjoyed this life away from fighting being more involved in his son's life and with all of his different business ventures. Does the fact that T.J has all these different responsibilities take something away hungry TJ Dillashaw we've grown accustomed to seeing.

    Huge Oppunitunity for Cory. I see him taking this fight. His camp seems to be extremely confident that he'll win this one. Given their history as training partners, story is that Cory used to get the better of TJ all the time. Cory is better, stronger, more experienced fighter since their time as training partners.
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  2. Badbot

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    Apr 17, 2011
    Head says T.J.
    Heart is rooting for Sandhagen to do his thing.
  3. Tug Wilson Tactics

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    Jul 7, 2021
    With as much sh1t people have given TJ ever since he popped, I'm really hoping he wins; but I picture him eating a big knee shooting for a takedown. He's aware that Cory has no semblance of grappling, and he's been talking about wanting to showcase his jiu-jitsu in recent interviews.
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