UFC targets Miocic vs Ngannou 2 in March; Jon Jones likely to face the winner *Source: ESPN MMA

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    Jun 12, 2020
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    Although the rematch between Miocic and Ngannou is a big fight, according to Helwani, the hope is the winner would face Jon Jones in the summer.

    “The UFC wants Stipe Miocic to defend the heavyweight title against Francis Ngannou in March. The title fight isn’t a done deal yet, but that is definitely what the promotion wants, I’m told. In a perfect world, the UFC would like for the winner of that fight to defend the belt against Jones in the summer, sources say,” Helwani reports.

    Jon Jones, meanwhile, appears likely to finally make his heavyweight debut in 2021. The former light heavyweight champion has hinted at a move for years now but after vacating his belt will indeed make the move. “Bones” has not fought since he defeated Dominick Reyes at UFC 247 to defend his light heavyweight title.
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    It's interesting, but we have no idea how much Jones has left. He's looked awful in his past two fights. He's definitely way past his prime, and he might not even be elite anymore, either. He'll have to be in top form to beat either of them. I think Miocic beats him no matter what, though (assuming he wins the Ngannou rematch).
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    How Jones fought Santos is a part of the reason he looked bad tbf he purposefully chose to stand with Santos to make a point that he could outstrike him. If Jones chose to wrestle him the fight would not have been close.
    The Reyes performance was just awful though mainly because Reyes has decent boxing and Jones's biggest weakness is his boxing defense. Jan imo is a horrible matchup for Jones which is part of the reason I think he sticks at heavy unless Adesanya beats Jan. Jan's boxing is some of the best in the UFC. I think Jon can beat him via grappling but it would be a very high risk low reward situation for Jones. Miocic is a horrible matchup for Jones for similar reasons. Jones should be praying Ngannou beats Miocic.
    This is possible but I'm not sure if Ngannou has fixed the wholes in his game that led to that loss to Miocic. Miocic was the more technical striker on the feet and could outwrestle Ngannou when Ngannou landed big. Ngannou hasn't really shown much technical improvement his last 4 fights were him just running at his opponent windmilling at them Deontay Wilder style...

    Ngannou has a puncher's chance but that's it. Jones would easily beat Ngannou imo Jones would outwrestle him to wide decision Jones just needs to slip the overhand into a double leg like Miocic did.
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    If Stipe isn't finished he will beat Ngannou once again.

    The difference in striking ability is. . .striking

    That said, I like Ngannou and would love to see him as champ
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    I think Miocic batters him again. Ngannou better have trained his boxing hard to have a chance.
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    In rematches like this you always have to favor the guy more likely to adapt. Ngannou has the same chance he has in the first fight a very solid punchers chance. If Miocic trades less and utilizes his wrestling more I think the fight will play out very similarly only with Ngannou probably being finished and inflicting less damage than in the first fight.
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    You can never count out a hard puncher like Ngannou, he still has that one punch stopping power.