Unbeaten Mike McCallum Vs Unbeaten Michael Nunn?

Discussion in 'Classic Boxing Forum' started by Fergy, May 11, 2022.

Who wins??

  1. Nunn

  2. McCallum

  1. Fergy

    Fergy Walking Dead banned Full Member

    Jan 8, 2017
    Both put their 0s up against each other.
    This is a fight that could have taken place actually.
    My moneys on Nunn here, but he's obviously not koing him like Kalambay!
    Anyway, 12 rounds middle weight, title fight?
  2. Flo_Raiden

    Flo_Raiden Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Oct 12, 2010
    Nunn in his prime when he was focused was a very hard man to beat and I would have favored him to beat the more methodical McCallum by decision. Nunn too quick and slippery for McCallum.
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  3. Fergy

    Fergy Walking Dead banned Full Member

    Jan 8, 2017
    See MM never managing to get a rhythm going with Nunn. Not exactly a walk over for Nunn but a winnable fight.
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  4. THE BLADE 2

    THE BLADE 2 Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Jul 14, 2009
    I think Nunn is just a little too fast for Mc Callum.Nunn by close decision
  5. Flash24

    Flash24 Boxing Addict Full Member

    Oct 22, 2015
    If I wanted to design a perfect fighter that would defeat any Middleweight in history, It would be Michael Nunn. A 6'2" southpaw faster with hands and feet than any Middleweight in history not including Jones Jr.
    Super skilled, very good power, excellent defense. Tough as nails.
    Why he isn't in the upper echelon of all time great fighters in history at ANY weight is a major disappointment. He had all the tools, and better gifted than most Middleweights in history.
    Mike McCallum is an ATG at Jr. MIDDLEWEIGHT.
    Not nearly as gifted as Nunn was , but better skilled.
    The only way McCallum wins against Nunn prime vs prime is the literally shot from the blue, as James Toney did.
    Outside of that Nunn wins a UD.
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  6. CleneloAnavarez

    CleneloAnavarez Well-Known Member Full Member

    Nov 18, 2021
    6' 1".
  7. Mod-Mania

    Mod-Mania Boxing Addict Full Member

    Aug 12, 2012
  8. PernellSweetPea

    PernellSweetPea Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Feb 26, 2009
    Nunn would make it a boring and rather easy enough fight against Mike. Michael at one point in his career could be everyone, I am not sure why he changed after Barkley.. Became more of a slugger and sat down on his punches more making him more hittable.
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  9. George forearm

    George forearm The forearm of George Full Member

    Aug 10, 2020
    if nunn decides to stay at long range and do what he dose best, in useing his combanations and movement simultaneously then stepping of line, it'll be a long long night for Mike.

    That being said,Nunn was his own worst enemy he could be winning the first minute of the round, decide he's going to take a minute off then try too fight on the inside for the remainder, something that McCallum would have him pissing blood for. It really depends what version of each you'd get on the night but I'd go Nunn on a close UD.
  10. ChrisJS

    ChrisJS Well-Known Member Full Member

    Sep 11, 2018
    Nah, he’s 6 2 and even a little more than that if anything. I’m 6 3 and he’s almost my height.
  11. Bulldog24

    Bulldog24 Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Aug 2, 2013
    Nunn beats anyone.
  12. JackSilver

    JackSilver Boxing Addict Full Member

    Jun 24, 2017
    Why didn’t Nunn rematch Toney? I still would have favoured him to win that
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  13. Flash24

    Flash24 Boxing Addict Full Member

    Oct 22, 2015
    Some publications had him at 6'1 some at 6'2". A inch or so isn't that big of a deal or inaccurate unless a Dr. Publicly did the measurements.
    It's only an issue to someone like yourself who knows everthing,,,,,,, and nothing at all.
  14. Flash24

    Flash24 Boxing Addict Full Member

    Oct 22, 2015
    I would've also. And I'm sure Toney thought so too.
    He Avoided it. Not enough money for the risk.
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  15. Levook

    Levook Active Member Full Member

    Aug 26, 2020
    This is how I see it, MM wouldn't be able to establish a rhythm and gets outpointed
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