Undisputed Champion ranking

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  1. Austinboxing

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    Jul 8, 2021
    Out of all the undisputed champions in the 4 belt era how would you rank them?
  2. lufcrazy

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    Sep 15, 2009

    Everyone else
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  3. Your Mum

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    Jan 21, 2022
    As in how highly I rate them as talents?

    I'd go:
    1- Hopkins
    2- Crawford
    3- Canelo
    4- Usyk
    5- Josh Taylor
    6- Jermaine Taylor
    7- Winner of tonight's fight (if there is one this time)
  4. Liquorice

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    May 13, 2018
    Dunno.. depends what your criteria is & what you want to factor in…
    Bhop won by beating Oscar who isn't a MW & was outright gifted the belt off of Sturm (he had no business at MW).. he then lost it a year later to Taylor... Yes Oscars an ATG but he's prettty ineffective at MW. Sturm boxed his arse off.. & yes Hopkins is an ATG & a master of his craft too but he was a dirty fker & was huge for MW.. distinct advantages over his opposition.. As for the rest .. Crawfords & Canelos runs are equally **** poor.. Josh Taylor & Usyks runs were quality .. not blown up lower division guys & men best known for being a sparring partner at the mayweather gym.. & Jermaine basically won them all in one night against Hopkins in a disputed decision… You can't compare that to numerous fights on the road taking the belts one by one ..
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  5. joerambe (lost account)

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    May 3, 2022
  6. DaRealJT

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    Sep 26, 2021
    Usyk best
    The 2 Taylors worst
  7. DirtyDan

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    Oct 30, 2011
    I'm ranking based on quality of champions they won the belts from, dominance as well as their historical significance in the weight class.
    1. Usyk
    2. Hopkins
    3. Canelo
    4. Jermell Charlo
    5. Josh Taylor
    6. Crawford
    7. Jermain Taylor