Usyk vs Hrgovic

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    Dec 22, 2020
    But Joyce is glorified for beating a worse version of Parker than Joshua beat. Klitschko would have still beat all of the top fighters at the time including Wilder to be honest at that moment.

    It was a sloppy performance, but remember that a few months before Hrgovic’s father passed away. He also didn’t do any of the media on fight week suggesting something was up with him. The knockdown was a slip and he showed he has a good chin taking bombs off one of the hardest hitting heavyweights.

    Zhang was beating Forrest comfortably but he has a medical / heart issue which caused him to gas severely.
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    Aug 4, 2020
    You havnt even read the post that you’ve replied to and you’re on about Joshua. The poster was talking about hrgovic stepping aside and yet you’re still going on about AJ.

    5 pages in to a Usyk v Hrgovic thread and already it’s just pages of the same nonsense from the same posters “Tesco puddings, fatty Ruiz, Joshua ducked wilder, Joshua’s resume, opponents from the top 10, wilders best win is Ortiz,

    It’s why this forums absolutely crap, 90% of the posters are just on autopilot typing the same crap every day in different threads.
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    Prospect has an off night shocker. Now that’s never happened ever has it.

    This tendency of boxing fans to completely write off a prospect based on one average performance is beyond comprehension.

    I don’t know what you do for a living. But are you always a 8/10 or more everyday? Anyone who has played sports to any level should be able to admit that you will put a 5/10 performance in now again, that is human nature.

    I would rather see Hrgovic than see the likes of Parker, Shot Whyte, Shot Chisora again and again and again.

    If you are shot or not good enough it’s time for someone else to get a title shot.

    Hrgovic vs Usyk is a decent fight and you will all see that for yourselves.

    It’s a a lot better than once a year AJ vs Shot Whyte.
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    Wilder ducked Wlad even his own manager said he was a baby in comparison to Wlad despite being WC. Wlad came in the lightest he had been over 7 years against AJ, came in best shape he had been I years as been two training camps recently before entering his training camp against AJ.

    Parker has a far superior record of beating better quality opponents than Wilder.

    Martin would be one Wilders best wins, so what does that say about Wilder?
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    Dec 19, 2020
    He's not a prospect he's 31 in 7 months :lol:
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    Sep 14, 2022
    What do you expect when people watch the same crap in the other corner when Joshua enters the ring with the exception of his previous 2 fights?

    The modern Danny Williams if even that good.
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    Take your tongue out from his Croatian arse, he was ****ing shite.

    Needs to get it together in his next fight if he's going to make any noise.
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    Parker was (insert expletive here) when he fought AJ. Literally just turned up and sold his belt.

    Still got a massive PPV fight against Whyte.

    Chisora has been absolute mess for years. Still gets the top PPV fights.

    Hrgovic has been ducked for years by the top fighters for a reason. He deserves this title shot, and I guarantee he does a dam sight more in the ring than Josephine Parker or WAR Chisora have been doing recently. Those 2 are good examples as they fight for millions of pounds almost every fight and are absolutely terrible
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    Mar 26, 2009
    He is a mandatory contender and never fought for a title as professional, that makes him a prospect.

    He is older because of his amateur career.
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    Terrific response.

    All true.
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    Oct 18, 2009
    Parker was crap that night, I was there in Cardiff and it was an awful spectacle. The highlight was big David Price sending Povetkin 20 foot across the ring before he got wiped out himself.

    That said though, he got the Whyte fight on the back of being a draw in his own right... a former world champion, holding a win over Ruiz plus fighting in the UK against AJ and Hughie Fury.

    Hrgovic on the other hand has had 15 pro fights all of which against, lets be honest, nobodies in the division. The last fight was on a big card with exposure and should've been his coming out party. Instead of grabbing the opportunity with both hands, he looked terrible and was extremely fortunate to scrape a win.

    I to want to see more fighters coming through that will pose proper challenges and make for good exciting fights, as I said, I expected Hrgovic to be one of the next dangermen coming through but I couldn't get over how poor he looked.... at times in that Zhang fight I actually wasn't sure if he was going to quit.

    In all seriousness and previous jokes aside, I don't want to be someone who writes someone off after one bad performance but that has set alarm bells ringing.
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    Mar 27, 2021
    Interesting to see in an interview on ID Boxing with Eddie H that that the Saudi backers of the undisputed fight had rang to say they were disappointed and wanted the fight to go ahead between Usyk/Fury and Hearn now saying that he thinks it will, despite saying it wouldn't not so long ago.

    Seems these Saudi's are becoming very influential in Boxing and splashing the cash to make whatever fights they want to happen go ahead.