Usyk will want to knock Fury out

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by spravedlivylev, Nov 18, 2023.

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    Aug 21, 2012
    Maybe hypothetical Fury who doesn't train in a fish n chips shop. Unfortunately real world Fury can only whip himself into shape every leap year when a lunar eclipse occurs. That's the guy we are stuck with.
  2. spravedlivylev

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    Nov 17, 2022
    This is the thing though that everyone forgets or pretends to forget.

    Wilder's technique is absolutely abysmal. He telegraphs his punches so badly that if a half decent fighter is not gassed out like Glowacki, they can spot it and stay away from his right hand. And still this terrible technique and flat footed Dosser dropped Fury five times. This means he landed. Once again: a poorly skilled, poorly balanced, flat footed Wilder landed.

    You can have dynamite for fists but it won't get you anywhere if you can't land. You can only hurt the other guy if you can land. Does anyone believe that if Wilder could land several times, the fastest, most skilled, most mobile, most agile guy with the best gas tank won't be able to land again and again? Fury's chin is subpar - his recovery skills are extraordinary but hurting him has never been an impossible task. Usyk will land all night long on that big fat target and grind him down like boar meat.
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    Sep 18, 2019
    I rate Usyk massively
    I just pick Fury, because the big awkward c..t gets the job done and uses his size

    I will say I'm certainly not 100% confident he can bear usyk and p4p he is definitely not better

    I can't stand Fury these days, but i still think the big bum can do it when it matters. Though Usyk is a great boxer

    I just hope fury doesn't pull out, I think he will fight after that shambles the other week
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  4. Serge

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    Jul 21, 2009

    I was actually disgusted with Belly for getting hit with those telegraphed right hands from a one-trick pony

    We've seen Belly struggle like crazy and get heavily dropped by a glass-jawed featherfisted CW in what he himself describes in his own words as his ''hardest ever fight'' and that CW isn't fit to lace Usky's boots
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    May 17, 2021
    They must have some impact but I think this post is basically correct.

    This "You won't like Usyk when he's angry" nonsense is just fanboy cope tbh, these are professionals who, whilst undoubtedly are looking for a psychological edge at these events, won't change their whole strategy on the back of these kinds of comments/actions and they certainly can't change their strengths.

    Usyk isn't going to develop Wilder-tier power because a comment makes him mad and he would be a fool to change his approach to the fight when KOing guys is not what has got him to the pinnacle of the sport. It's clearly an over-analysis and becomes nonsense when you consider that Usyk is always such a measured guy.

    If we're to actually read-into the body language at the presser it was Fury who was acting far more aggressive and I could even more easily point to this and say Fury clearly means business KO inside 6 incoming Furybros.

    This whole thread is a "talk-yourself into believing the result you want will happen" masturbation sesh.

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  6. spravedlivylev

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    Nov 17, 2022
    What's wrong with so many of you? What's this fixation on one punch knockouts?

    First things first: if a 220+ lbs professional boxer hits you right on the chin, you go down. It doesn't matter if you are Oliver McCall, you go down. Every HW carries enough power to knock others out with a well-placed shot. It's simple physics related to their body mass.

    But more importantly, you don't need one punch KO power to KO people. Why is this a novelty? There is damage by accumulation or cuts resulting in TKO as well. Fury has been cut really badly before. What more, he was cut by a southpaw. Cuts can easily reopen again so you can be sure that Usyk will target that right eye.

    It will be hilarious to see your baffled reactions if Usyk indeed stops Fury.
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  7. It's Ovah

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    Sep 5, 2016
    Who said he's suddenly going to develop Wilder-tier power? You can stop someone on accumulation, which is likely what Usyk will do to Fury if he stops him. It's what he did to Huck and to Dubois, hitting them from so many angles with so many flush punches that they couldn't cope. It's what he nearly did to Michael Hunter as well. He turns it up when he wants to and fighters are usually not in a position to do anything about it when he does.
  8. On The Money

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    Apr 4, 2012
    I only hope Fury grows up a tiny bit between now and Feb 17. Usyk is not a brash fellow big head like Wilder and doesn't deserve the schoolyard insults and lack of respect dished out by Fury. Aside from that Fury is at risk of losing all the goodwill he earned from his MH journey and burning it in a toxic pit of his own BS. If he wants British fans to support him vs Usyk he better change his tune as the current momentum is all behind the gentleman from Ukraine. Fury also seems to have developed some peculiar amnesia from his Ngannou fiasco and should be showing humility given he was on many peoples cards beaten by the novice. That Fury is nowhere near good enough to beat Usyk and everybody around Fury knows it himself included. In fact Usyk knocks that bum out cold. Usyk doesn't need more motivation so do yourself a favour Tyson and stfu, grow up and show some humility and class for once.
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  9. Jaz Man

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    Oct 29, 2023
    You’ll find this interesting. Fabio Wardley has sparred both Fury and Usyk and he said Usyk hits harder
  10. lordlosh

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    Jun 4, 2014
    Yes He will KO/TKO him around the 10-11 round. Mark my words on this.
  11. 007 373 5963

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    May 30, 2020
    I'm thinking Usyk wins a split decision, and i seriously doubt either fighter will hit the canvas. Usyk is a bit feather-fisted at heavyweight, and is more of a skilled tactician. Fury had knockout power at one point, but who knows if it's still there. I think the Wilder fights damaged him, even despite his clear victories.
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    Nov 18, 2023
    I laughed when I read the title of the thread 'cause isn't that what all boxers want to do, knock their opponent out?
  13. VOXDEI

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    May 17, 2021
    I'm not saying Usyk CAN'T stop Fury, I'm just saying that nothing in this thread is anything more than wild speculation as to why he WILL.

    Here's an actual argument as to why he won't:

    - He's only stopped three of his last ten opponents, two of whom were cruisers the other is Dubois who has a suspect chin and even more suspect heart.

    - Fury has never been stopped and has faced guys who are widely accepted as being much harder punchers than Usyk, in particular Wlad and Wilder.

    - Therefore Usyk probably won't stop Fury

    A stronger argument for why Usyk could pose serious issues for Fury and potentially KO him is the "Cunningham argument" that Cunningham shares various attributes with Usyk and caused Fury problems but is considered an inferior boxer. I don't think that's a particularly strong argument personally, BUT at least it's far less speculative than "Oh you really gon dunnit now Tyson making Oleksandr mad like that!!"

    It's dumb.
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  14. spravedlivylev

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    Nov 17, 2022
    Usyk doesn't like knocking people out. He talked about it several times. He talked about how he chose not to KO Chisora. He considers boxing a sport and as there is life outside of boxing, he doesn't hurt people if he doesn't have to. The words he used was "it's a huge chunk of health" if someone gets sparked. His dislike for KOs lines up with his personality traits and philosophy about sport, competition and life in general. Show me another guy who carries himself the way Usyk carried himself during Joshua's meltdown, the way he threw Usyk's belt out of the ring and wanted to assault one of Usyk's cornermen. Or show me another champion who goes over to the guy who clearly fought against him using dirty low blow tactics, and consoles him, telling him how it is just sport, don't beat yourself up about it, you are young and a great talent, you will be champion one day.

    So when he looks for a KO, it's always with a reason. Either he is angered by the behaviour of his opponent (Huck) or he wants to make sure he won't be robbed by the judges (Bellew). Against Dubois, he was angered after the low blow and went after DD with bad intentions. He would have stopped him, it doesn't really matter that DD arguably chose to quit from a jab. But the anger was gone when the fight was over.

    Ever since the presser Usyk's whole body language and face when he talks about the Fury fight now suggests he will want to hurt Fury on fight night.
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  15. Serge

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    Jul 21, 2009
    Briedis, Gassiev, and Hunter have never been off their feet, let alone stopped

    Usyk is the only fighter to register a KD against Hunter albeit a technical one when the ref ruled the ropes kept him from going down and most refs would've stopped that fight in the final round when Usyk went full loco on him and actively tried hard to get him of there like he did with Huck

    AJ has only been down against Wlad who is one of hardest punching HWs of all time with ridiculous power

    And against Fat Andy

    Usyk boxed to orders against Glowacki and Gassiev and wasn't trying to get them out of there

    Chisora has an excellent chin and even though he has fought everyone he has only been KO'd or dropped by Haye and Whyte both of whom are massive punchers. Belly who is obviously way bigger and heavier than Usyk stopped him twice on mercy stoppages but interestingly he has never managed to drop him once in three attempts nor even close

    Chisora was essentially Usyk's first real fight at HW since moving up from CW because Witherspoon only turned up to shell up and survive and Chisora is no easy nights work for anyone's debut or first real fight at HW. Both Belly and Whyte needed two attempts to get him out of there. He has a much better chin than Belly

    AJ arguably has a better chin than Belly and Usyk hurt him

    Usyk has a much better chin than Belly

    Like I said, it's unlikely Usyk wins via stoppage simple due to the ridiculous size, weight and reach advantages Belly holds over him but Belly has been dropped and hurt by lesser punchers than Usyk whose power is underrated and a mean Usyk, who feels disrespected and who actually wants to cause you physical harm and punish you, is not the Usyk we usually see in the ring.

    Belly has never fought anyone as fast, skillful, elusive or good as Usyk. Granted, this version of Usyk is not near as fast as the WSB Usyk or CW version who was blazing quick and had mongoose reflexes and reaction times and would've made this version of Belly look absolutely stupid.
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