Vegas judges stole Kov vs Ward III and GGG vs Canelo III

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    Dec 27, 2017
    For 90% of the observers round 10 of Kovalev vs Ward I should have gone to the Krusher. However, the three judges attributed it to Ward and without it the decision would have been different. For the most part Kovalev won the first fight by little.

    I think Kovalev's save against Ward is one of the worst in history and he probably could have gone the end of the fight but Ward probably would have pulled off a satisfying victory on points.
    So we would have had 1-1 and a great demand from the fans for the trilogy.

    Same thing for Golovkin vs Canelo I. Already there is Byrd's 118-110 but the judge who made the draw had awarded round 7, by far the clearest of the fight and in favor of Golovkin, to Canelo. It is accepted by the whole community that Golovkin won the first fight.

    I also think he was superior to the rematch but we must admit that the fight was quite close.

    Same thing, if there had been 1-1 there would have been huge demand and Canelo would have faced GGG in 2019.