Vitali v Ali

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    Adolf hitler was also richer then 99% of the rest of the world, is he intelligent now. Is kim jong un a spoiled brat more intelligent then any one who has less money then him?
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    Of course. Because they were all big and skilled. But saying that Ali would have had no chance whatsoever is completely ignorant.

    Ali also possessed attributes that would have given those guys lots of issues too.
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    You most likely are using film Rocky when thinking about Vitaly and Wlad.
    Example from cinema, evil soviet russian, enemy, stiff, big, strong and dumb who fight rocky who is standing like a doll and ates bombs in long row, after this former punching bag beats up guy who had used him as punching bag.

    Vitaly and Wlad are from Ukraine, country where actual is capitalism and Ukraine now isn't Soviet Union.
    Of course for boxing fans it is very hard to understand, usually.
    How you might associate Vitali with a communist from Drago film it is surprising.
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    You have zero knowledge of Mike’s career or of the era.

    You are a joke poster.

    Mike didn’t suck.

    He demolished Michael Spinks, Larry Holmes and Frank Bruno.

    He beat Tony Tucker and Donovan Ruddock.

    He was slipping before the Douglas fight. And Douglas himself was a good fighter, who like Mike, wasn’t consistent where he had great longevity.

    Everybody who knows of Mike, knows that he went through the motions with Douglas and didn’t train. He was gassed in the early rounds, due to his lack of conditioning. And that was after being bashed up by Greg Page in sparring. He had zero motivation and just turned up for a pay check. And that’s why he had such a rude awakening. But let’s not pretend that he wasn’t a great fighter when he was fully focused, where he fought to his full capabilities. Yes, he was easily beaten by Evander and Lennox, despite being of a similar age. And maybe those guys would always have beaten him prime for prime. But when Mike fought them he was both faded and shot. He was a completely different fighter to the one that we saw in the mid 80’s, who was a student of the game.

    If the mid 80’s versions of Mike were around today, only Tyson Fury would have been problematic to him. He’d have gone through Joshua and Wilder easily. His style would have been absolutely awful for both of them. And he would also have gone through the rest of today’s top 10 with consummate ease.
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