Was Gerry Cooney really 6'6 or was he in the 6'5 range ?

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Yaiyr Alexander, Dec 5, 2020.

  1. Jennifer Love Hewitt

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    Jul 19, 2004
    He was tall. Plenty tall. You can look at photos all you want, but an inch is nothing to a guy of that size. Plus there's posture, camera distortion, anything closer the camera looks bigger. So unless you have a a photo with the right MM lens taken from the right distance with the subject standing perfectly straight, a next to known object for scale with a way to validate the position of the know object, this is a futile exercise.

    Just as an example. Take your phone out and take a selfie. Now go into the mirror and look at your face. Now tell me, how big is your nose? You think the mirror or the phone selfie is telling the truth?
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    so the wife tells me. :naughty2:
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  3. Dodgy Syrup

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    Mar 20, 2019
    "On his best day"?

    What, like if he tries really hard?

    Your point about his arms is valid, though, as reach is more important when most of the guys are between 6ft 3 and 6ft 7 anyway.

    If you take 2 fighters who are both 6ft 2, and one looks all arms and legs, and is a long, rangey fighter who looks quite lanky, while the other is more compact and in proportion, it is going to be the first guy who is going to have an advantage...obviously.
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    Funny, but the best place to see incorrect heights is IMDB. They ALWAYS add 1" at least to actors, especially
    the old guys from the 30's-40's. Even modern actors get an inch.
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    Nov 23, 2007
  6. Rico Spadafora

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    He never fought tall and usually was crouched a little bit and always looked down at the stare down. ABC sports measured Cooney at 6’6” and three quarters prior to the Holmes fight btw. I think 6’6 is acceptable.
  7. MarkusFlorez99

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    Jan 13, 2021
    I addressed that already, im aware Cooney slightly crouched or leaned forward in his fights
    Thats why i definitely think he's at LEAST 6'5 however if he truly was measured at over 6'6 barefoot then thats very interesting to know
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    Mar 3, 2019
    What's an inch between friends?