Was Joyce's Chin Overrated Or Is Zhang Just That Powerful ?

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    Mar 10, 2019
    Dubois though didn't land many clean hits. Joyce was aware of dubois power and used his jab to keep him at bay. When dubois did land joyce backed off
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    Guys like GGG and Canelo can have iron chins and be very difficult to stop, even with a phenomenal Middle-weight or super middleweight puncher.

    But at heavyweight, there have been, are, and will be, sone punchers who's punches are so heavy that anybody getting hit will go down and / or out.

    Foreman had that kind of power.

    His KO of Moore looked nothing special, but because of his size and heavy hands, it separated Moorer from his senses.

    Zhang's BOTH smacks that ended Wilder were in the same category.
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    Joyce has numerous times just walked through punchers without flinching. You regularly see him taking full on OH rights from pretty heavy handed guys and he just takes the shot straight on the chin without riding it or anything. Other times he moves back to take the sting out of the shot like he did with Dubois, but then there are lower level guys he doesn't bother to do that with like Hammer, Ali, and Stiverne. So his chin's probably about the best in the division right now.

    But Zhang's power is next level. He's about the hardest puncher I've seen since a prime Wlad, but where Wlad was sharp and stunning, Zhang is sharp and thudding, which is very unusual. To have both heavy hands and quick hands, and be accurate and have great timing too. That puts him in a very select bracket. But his hamster lungs stamina puts him in a very select bracket too...
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    I think Joyce had a pretty solid chin - but way too easy to hit and in proving how solid a chin he had, time and again (too many times) it was being chipped away at and eroded.

    At the same time, Zhang hits very hard - so imo, he would’ve dented Joyce’s chin at best anyway and though perhaps Joe’s chin was a bit eroded (but not necessarily) when he fought Zhang, Joyce’s chin was primarily broken by Zhang himself.

    I’ve always liked Joyce as a person but have been entirely uncomfortable with how easy he has been to hit. If his chin hadn’t been so dramatically broken, there still would’ve been the greater likelihood of brain damage later in life anyway.
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    Feb 21, 2021
    Maybe a bit of both, but probably more that Zhang hits ****ing hard. Joyce definitely had a chin on him.