What kind of ****ty team does povetkin have?

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Fat_asian, May 21, 2020.

  1. Fat_asian

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    Dec 8, 2019
    I was just listening to Teddy's account on the fight game. He claims Alex povetkins handlers were not paying him what he was supposed to get. So at 8 weeks he opted no, 7 weeks still no, six weeks no training, 5 weeks still not training povetkin, 4 weeks still in hiatus. At three weeks in before the fight teddy recurved a call from povetkin. HE WAS NOT INFORMED that teddy was not gonna train him because of his ****ty handlers couldn't tell him the truth!

    I believe according to the video that this was before the ruslan chagaev fight. Teddy needed 8 weeks to train a champion but his ****ty handlers wouldn't pay him so he declined, they just happened to not let poor povetkin know!

    Now teddy being a stand-up guy was told that it wasn't his fault, he felt a due diligence to train Alex because he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he let the kid down.

    So anyway with 3 weeks to go in Russia, povetkins posse came to the gym with Alexander while teddy was training him.

    Now teddy, who paints himself as a hot head, said to the crew they only had one chance to be there, IF they said one word, one word at all, teddy claimed he would walk over and end 2 people's life. His own and whoever provoked him.

    Kudos to teddy for telling povetkin that they would focus at one round at a time, as the conditioning was not there. After Alex won the fight, he told teddy "relax were not in Russia were in Germany now." Teddy felt better instead of cold how he was feeling. And he never went to the after party and discontinued working with Alex povetkins. What a farce, and not stand up guys, does anybody else know any shady info from povetkin s camp as well? If so, what did you hear and how has this impacted his career? Your thoughts?
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    Nov 22, 2014
    This is a very common lowball tactic when trainers aren’t owned by the fighter’s management. Usually the management prefers the trainer to be one of their own guys so the can pay them very little.

    The management gets ‘funny with the money’ in hopes that the guy will begrudgingly stay for reduced income or will leave in anger to be replaced with a trainer, who is cheaper and easier to control.

    Teddy being as outspoken as he is was most likely hated by Povetkin’s management from the very beginning, since he wasn’t someone they could manipulate.

    Povetkin also didn’t do himself any favors, since one of the reasons Teddy wanted Povetkin to relocate to the U.S. was so he could have more direct interaction with Povetkin, since the bulk of the communication between the two was through third parties, which isn’t a good way to build a good fighter-trainer relationship.
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    Sep 5, 2016
    If so this explains why Povs looked so off in that fight, and why he's often been inconsistent in performances.

    Mind you, Chagaev also looked a bit flat in that fight.
  4. MorvidusStyle

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    Jul 11, 2017
    Teddy Atlas is hardly a trustworthy narrator, good to keep that in mind. He's a also one to exaggerate for effect, as that gets attention in the media zone.
  5. Neon Maniac

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    Mar 5, 2020
    Povetkin gave up a chance to be his best just for the sake of training in Russia .Atlas would have made Povetkin all time great in that style ,it’s just like when Holyfield let Steward go over a few hundred grand and even Mike Tyson departing with Rooney ,never ceased to amaze me how fighters think they don’t need the best fit for them . Oddly Povetkin wishes he never hooked up with him and Atlas said Povetkin is a special fighter but not a great one .

    For marketing purposes if you don’t speak English to some extent it’s going to hurt your pocket anyway it is what it is another thing I can’t fathom Edith all the money these guys have that they can’t get time to learn it ?
  6. Babality

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    Dec 6, 2008
    I don't believe a word out of Atlas. This could very well be true, but Atlas is a massive self-aggrandizer.
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  7. Dubblechin

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    Jun 25, 2014
    Teddy Atlas derailed Alexander Povetkin's career. And it never fully recovered.

    Povetkin won the gold medal, turned pro, had a very exciting start, and within two years he was highly rated. He entered a four-man tournament to secure a mandatory challenger for Wlad. Povetkin stopped Byrd in late 2007 and beat Eddie Chambers in 2008.

    Then he had a tuneup against Taurus Sykes in Russia that summer, and he blew out Sykes.

    At that moment, Povetkin was 28 years old. He'd been the World Amateur Champion. The Olympic Champion. Compiled 127 amateur wins. He was the #1 contender. Had a 16-0 pro record. And he was entering his prime with a world title shot coming at the end of the year.

    Then Teddy Atlas entered the picture. For some reason, Russians love Mike Tyson. Particularly then. And, for some reason, the Russians also mistakenly believed Teddy Atlas had something to do with Mike Tyson's success (even though Atlas hadn't worked with Tyson since he was like 13).

    So Povetkin's team brought in Teddy Atlas to help train Povetkin for the title fight against Wlad - who had recently bored the pants off everyone against Ibragimov and who wasn't exactly lighting the world on fire at that point in time.

    And, Atlas being Atlas, he insisted on total control, Atlas showed up to camp and immediately announced that Povetkin wasn't ready to fight Wlad. He beat that into Povetkin's head. You're going to lose. You're doing everything wrong. We need to start over again. I can teach you how to beat him. But you need more time.

    And Atlas admitted later he had Povetkin fake a foot injury to get out of the fight with Wlad. So Povetkin lost the title shot. Povetkin's management team was livid. They'd steered him to the shot. They thought he was ready. But Povetkin liked Atlas. And Atlas had played his mind games on the fighter. And Russians thought Atlas was going to make Povetkin into Tyson.

    So, instead of fighting Wlad, Atlas had him fight in closed-door unsanctioned fights against cruiserweights like Robert Daniels. And had Povetkin's team pay for judges and ref and pay guys like Daniels to come in and fight Povetkin in bouts that didn't show up on either's record so Povetkin could "learn" from Atlas.

    Then Atlas spent the next couple years putting Povetkin in with pathetic nobodies like Leo Nolan and Javier Mora, as if Povetkin had lost or been brutally stopped by someone (which he'd never had) to teach Povetkin "whatever" Atlas thought Povetkin was missing.

    Because Povetkin was still undefeated an highly rated, he qualified for yet another heavyweight title fight with Wlad in 2010. And, again, Atlas didn't think Povetkin was ready. And, AGAIN, Atlas convinced Povetkin call off the fight. Which Povetkin did. So Wlad fought Sam Peter in a rematch and Povetkin faced unknown Teke Oruh. And Atlas went around telling people Povetkin wasn't ready to fight Wlad, totally undercutting his fighter's belief in himself.

    With Wlad being SUPER champ, in 2011, the WBA decided to stage a fight for their WBA "Regular" belt, and the WBA wanted to pit Chagaev, the former WBA champ, against Povetkin.

    Povetkin's team was eager to make the fight. And, at that point, they just wanted Atlas to get lost. He'd done enough damage to their fighter's career, frankly.

    So, apparently, they didn't communicate with Atlas as the fight approached, because they wanted Povetkin to fight without him. But Atlas ended up showing up anyway, in HIS MIND, to SAVE the day.

    And, when Povetkin won, ATLAS CLAIMED all the credit when interviewed by the U.S. media.

    Atlas is a clown. He always thought he needed to break fighters down and build them back up. And mostly he just broke them down and messed up their careers.
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    Jun 15, 2016
    Teddy Atlas is great entertainment but I would not want him in my corner. He's just too much of a big mouth.
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    Sep 15, 2009
    He's always had a bad team.

    I remember when he won the ibf tournament to get a mandatory shot at Wlad, but then turned it down because he didn't feel ready lol.
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    Dec 8, 2019
    Wow!!! Word is life, word is bond! I guess teddy can be called a "spin artist" sounds like povetkin should've been up to bat a couple of times already, instead of getting benched! That is crazy news... I knew deep down that teddy turned his fighters into assholes, so he could get up all in em with motivation, he seems like an old man with stories to tell. But like Lennox Lewis would say "fiction". LL says no to that, only room for non fiction.
  11. Serge

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    Jul 21, 2009
    I only caught some of the interview but it sounded like he was insinuating it was Sauerland Promotions to me and if he's trying to sully Kalle's good name then I take that **** personal. Real personal.

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    Search for 'Sammy Gravano Calls Out Teddy Atlas' on YT

    Those are the kind of circles I move in, Teddy. Come see me sometime.
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  12. Serge

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    Jul 21, 2009
    Jeffrey Fenech says Teddy got sparked out by a reporter.



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