When did Canelo become a power puncher??

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Cobra33, Nov 3, 2021.

  1. Cobra33

    Cobra33 Boxing Addict Full Member

    Feb 2, 2006
    Honest question. I think he hits decent but now everyone is acting like he hits like Julian Jackson.
    I get that he turned pro early and his body matured and he got stronger as he progressed in his career.
    But exactly who did he out on ice that was so impressive? Amir Khan gets knocked out when the wind blows.
    Kirkland has a horrible chin even getting blown out in one round by a journeyman.
    Cotto was past his best and never once was close to getting stopped.
    Same with Shane.
    These were lightweights/Jr welters and Canelo couldn't even drop them.
    People point to Saunders who suffered an injury to his face but it wasn't like he got dropped.
    Sergi had been brutally knocked out by an upstart and stopped by Ward.
    I mean what fight displayed Canelos power?
  2. MURK20

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    Sep 26, 2008
    I don't know. Canelo always seemed like a hurtful puncher. He's a master as setting up big shots. I can't say when he perfected it but he does it effortlessly. He's not a 1 punch KO artist but he knows how to cause some serious damage and get you out of there.
  3. vast

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    Nov 27, 2010
    When he juiced up on the roids for the GGG fights. Till then he was a counter puncher who could ko midgets like Khan or glass jaws like Kirkland.
  4. JOKER

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    Dec 18, 2019
    Since he started roiding hard.
  5. Toney F*** U

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    Oct 16, 2019
    He’s juicing a lot and sits down on his punches more. He also has great timing, punch selection, and is at a weight that perfectly suits him. Add in the fact that he’s training hard for power year round and you have someone that can become a solid puncher without natural one punch power
  6. N17

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    Feb 16, 2013
    The moment that Mexican Beef Burger met his crusty cracked lips.
  7. Oddone

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    Aug 18, 2019
    Go back to when he was busted for PEDs. A year before then. That's your answer.
  8. PIPO23

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    May 18, 2006
    When he got on Reynoso supplements program. Members are required to take off season.
  9. Cobra33

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    Feb 2, 2006
    That's what I figured but thought maybe I missed something.
    This guy is such a fake.
  10. Cally

    Cally Sand...sand... nothing but sand! Full Member

    Sep 12, 2015
    He's in peak condition now, his game is at its peak.

    He's now more prime than the prime beef he eats!
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  11. Hanz Cholo

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    Jul 11, 2012
    After Fighting Jacob’s & before fighting Rocky Fielding.

    ever since Rocky Fiekding he looked unstoppable.

    that’s when this power punching really took off.
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  12. TheVet

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    Sep 22, 2021
    Forget the power - his stamina has improved in leaps and bouds must be the EPO.
  13. UniversalPart

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    Jul 1, 2010
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
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  14. WhataRock

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    Jul 29, 2004
    A few years after the Asociación Mexicana de Productores de Carne began a breeding program for a very special kind of cattle specifically for his consumption.
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  15. PIPO23

    PIPO23 Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    May 18, 2006
    Hard work and medication..Look at Andy Ruiz. Reynoso miracles do happen he went from a lard to herculian in a few months. WOW!!

    How about Oscar Pedez. I remember this guy getting dropped by Servania a bum then gets his jaw broke by Quigg. In comes Reynoso miracles again. He has become granite chin and punching like a mule.

    By the grace of WBC sulaiman.
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