Which fight was more satisfying, Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm or Ronda vs Amanda Nunes?

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    Jun 12, 2020
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    Both were satisfying for me, but Holly vs Ronda for sure. The arrogance she displayed at the weigh ins, staucnhing up to Holly and shoving her. The disrespect she showed in the TUF series. The refusal to tap gloves with Holly Holm.

    Believing she could beat male fighters, including heavyweights such as Cain Valesquez under the right conditions, saying she could beat Floyd Mayweather up, believing Rogan's hype that she was a once in a generation athlete, telling her opponents to stop being a DNB and to "don't cry".

    She was so arrogant and dis-likable the world rejoiced on November 15, 2015 when she was DESTROYED by Holly Holm's left leg. She was exposed as an overrated one trick pony and overhyped fighter who fought Soccer Moms and supbar competition.

    Then she came back a year later, telling everyone to "Fear the return". She gave the mean look of intimidation to Amanda Nunes who tried her best not to crack a laugh and then proceeded to beat the hell out of her for 48 seconds.Her horrendous striking was exposed once again

    Which fight did you enjoy more and for what reason?
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