Who had the most explosive double leg in MMA history?

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    Nov 17, 2019
    To make it clear, this question isn't about who was the best MMA fighter to use transitions between striking and grappling to set up their double legs. I've made a thread before about who were the best MMA fighters who used striking to set up their wrestling and grappling. In this thread, I just want to examine which MMA fighter simply had the most explosive double-leg takedown we've ever seen.

    Some fighters have the ability to achieve an angle on his opponent's hips, drive through his opponent's sprawl, and run his opponent across the cage to his back all in one fluid motion without needing to chain wrestle to other takedowns. Other fighters will shoot deep, use all their strength in one explosive burst to pick their opponent's off their feet and use a "windmill" double leg bringing them right back to the mat.

    So who comes to mind when you think of this question? As much as Josh Koscheck gets forgotten to time, I'm not sure I've ever seen an mma fighter with as explosive and pure of a double leg takedown. The guy would routinely drive through his opponents sprawl like a hot knife through butter and would just run them all the way across the cage until they were forced on their back. A lot of times he was so fast and explosive, that guys couldn't even manage an initial sprawl in the first place.

    Koscheck had no finesse whatsoever in terms of using striking to set up his takedowns, which is a way highlighted how impressive his pure wrestling skill and athleticism really were in his double leg takdown. He even managed to switch from a single leg to a double leg and windmill takedown GSP in their first fight in a very explosive motion, despite all of GSP's elite takedown defense. He was one of the few fighters to ever takedown GSP.

    I'm actually going to mention GSP here, too. In my opinion, Georges St-Pierre was the greatest fighter ever in terms of using striking to set up his takedowns. Only Fedor compares. He rarely would ever shoot a takedown without setting it up first with strikes, feints or timing.

    But on the rare instances when he chose to rely more on his unassisted pure double-leg takedown in a fight, he was very impressive. Do you guys remember when he threw a little feint jab to Thiago Alvez and then just exploded into a windmill double leg on him? Thiago Alvez had proven, despite not having a wrestling backround, to have very impressive MMA takedown defense when he beat Koscheck and Hughes. But GSP just drove through him in one explosive motion. Even more impressive, was the double-leg takedown GSP used on Sean Sherk when he just drove through him like a truck. I think because of GSP's skill we sometimes forget about the raw explosiveness he exhibited in his wrestling.

    I'll probably post some more guys that come to mind later, but, for me, these two stand out immediately. Who would you guys mention in this category?

    (3:51 GSP taking down Thiago Alvez.

    (1:04 GSP taking down Sean Sherk)
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    Nov 17, 2019
    I can't believe I forgot about Brock Lesnar. They didn't call him the "frate trane" for nothing. Even a prime Cain Valesquez and Shane Carwin couldn't stop his double-leg. He was just so damn strong and explosive. Granted, he was so much bigger than most people he fought, but that doesn't take away from his athleticism in that double-leg takedown motion. I know his career was very short lived and ultimately somewhat of a failure, but he really was impressive in this regard. You were better off letting him take you down and tire himself out or waiting for him to make a mistake and get him with a kneebar or something when he stood up like Mir did. If he was healthy, was disciplined and a had a brain, he could have achieved a lot more in MMA.

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    GSP. The best mma wrestler imo.
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    Brock before he got his stomach operated on.