who here thinks a Ashe'a Box Off would be?

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    Jan 21, 2007
    a Great idea like me.

    now there are alot more qaulity UK fighters that are ranked higher.

    but if you made it like a worth while event you would have match ups like these.

    Heavyweight. AUS:Kali Meehan Vs UK: Michael Sprott
    Light Heavy. AUS:paul Briggs Vs UK:Clinton Woods
    Super Middle. AUS:Anthony Mundine Vs UK:Joe Calzaghe
    Middleweight. AUS:Sam Soliman Vs UK:John Duddy
    Light Middle. AUS:Daniel Geale Vs UK:Jamie Moore
    Welterweight. AUS:Robert Medley Vs UK:Kevin Anderson
    Light Welter. AUS:Ben Rabah Vs UK:Junior Witter
    Lightweight. AUS:Michael Katsidis Vs UK:Jon Thaxton
    Super Feather. AUS:Gairy St Cliar Vs UK:Alex Arthur
    Featherweight. AUS:Jackson Asiku Vs UK:Nicky Cook

    Now tell me those fights wouldnt be interesting.

    Have it over 3 nights and 10 rounds each fight.

    how much passion would be in these fights and the crowds would be huge.
    Who needs the USA.:good