Who is your GOAT(s) and why?

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    Jun 12, 2020
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    My pick would be GSP due to many reasons
    -2nd longest reigning title streak after Anderson Silva (2,204 days)
    -9 title defences
    -Most wins in welterweight division (19)
    -Unmatched wrestling skills
    -Great striker, just not Anderson level
    -Not related to fighting, but he was a great man, role model and ambassador
    -Never popped for PED's (I think Jones is slightly better, but PED's brings him down a few points)

    Best wins
    -Bisping for the belt after a 4 year layoff
    -BJ Penn
    -Matt Serra
    -Matt Hughes

    If he fought and beat a Prime Silva he would be GOAT by the majority for sure. His fighting style is not the most entertaining (like Silva or Conor), but he is definitely one of the most dominant and skillful champions fhe sport has ever seen. A true class act and legend.

    Notable mentions
    -Jon Jones (as a fighter, he is GOAT level but PED's does taint his career)
    -Same with Anderson Silva
    -BJ Penn in his prime was great
    -Fedor (not UFC) - 10 years unbeaten, dominated Pride
    -Jose Aldo - Most casuals only know him from the Mcgregor fight, but he was a killer and unbeaten for a decade
    -Amanda Nunes - GOAT female no doubt
    -Henry Cejudo (Olympic champion, double champion)
    -Demetrious Johnson - so many consecutive title defences, master at his craft

    Not GOAT level but great fighters
    -Stipe Miocic
    -Conor - I think he was great, losing to Khabib is not that bad, Nate fight does bring him down a lot, and his out of the cage antics does cause people to be biased. I know lots will disagree, but he did dismantle two champions with ease and scored knockouts in 3 divisions