Who would have won in their prime, GSP vs SIlva, and Jones vs Silva?

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    Jun 12, 2020
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    Lets say the lighter fighter gets extra time to bulk up to the higher weight class (GSP bulks up to MW, Silva bulks up to LHW)), who would emerge as the victor?

    GSP vs Silva
    -GSP is definitely the better wrestler, but Silva got some good ground game too
    -Silva has the length and reach, and could easily knee or kick GSP to death if hes not careful
    -I think GSP is the overall more rounded fighter, but Silva probably pulls off some crazy moves and takes the win. Could go either way

    Silva vs Jones
    -I think prime Jones on PED's would dismantle Silva with ease.
    -Jones is taller, stronger, and has one of the best wrestling
    -Jones has an iron chin and mental toughness (see him survive the armbar from Belfort)
    -Silva could pull it off, but I think its 80-20 for Jones
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  2. BoxingDialogue

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    Apr 26, 2019
    The bigger guy wins
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    Nov 17, 2019
    Jon Jones would have beat the breaks off of Silva. Travis Lutter, Chael Sonnen and Chris Weidman were all able to find success against him on the floor, despite the former two getting submitted in the end. There's no way in hell Silva would have been able to deal with Jones' wrestling, his physical strength, his crushing pressure on the top and his ferocious ground and pound. I know Vitor was a hair's breadth away from getting that armbar from guard, but despite Silva having an excellent offensive mma guard, I just can't see Silva being able to pull it off. That was due to Jones' mistake of cradling the head while delivering ground and pound with the free arm, and Jones learned from that fight. Silva usually relied on the triangle choke anyway which would be insanely difficult to get on Jones.

    Silva's only chance would be to a land a sniper like left hand and catch Jones by surprise on the feet. Jones' was a much better clinch fighter than Silva and would have outfought him with his wrist control, two on one control, elbows and knees. There's no way Silva would be able to control Jones in the thai clinch like he did against Rich Franklin. Besides, if Jones got a good body lock, throw or trip on him, Silva would end up on his back anyway. Jones always kept his guard high and he had a height advantage, so I can't see Silva landing a sneaky high kick on him.

    Not to mention, despite having atrocious head movement and being a plodder, Jones had a great distance control partly due to his length and partly due to his learned kicking ability. See the Rampage fight for that. If Silva came forward, it would open up shots to the legs and clinch opportunities for Jones. If Silva tried to counter strike, Jones could keep him at bay with his kicks until he found a safe opportunity to cut off the cage and shot at the legs to get him down.

    Silva would have had to land the perfect shot and have a flawless follow up after hurting him in order to take Jones out and win this fight. I really think that he would have had about a 5% chance at best of that if we're talking prime versus prime like you said.

    GSP versus Silva would have been a much more interesting fight, imho.

  4. Francis75

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    Oct 1, 2007
    Imo Jones on his PED's would dominate and destroy Silva at 205.

    Silva - GSP at 185 would be more interesting and it would boil down to if GSP can consistently take down and control the bigger man Silva. GSP imo is easily the best mma wrestler I have seen and was very well rounded with excellent striking as well. I think you would have to have prime Silva as the favourite but with GSP being a very live underdog. Would have been great to see it unfold.
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    May 8, 2014
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    May 31, 2019
    Jones would likely easily beat Silva imo wrestke him to a decision or get a sub or maybe a knockout Jones is just too superior of a wrestler and his striking is very close to the same level as Silva and when your afraid of the takedown your striking starts to lack as well.
    GSP on the other hand is a 50/50 fight imo GSP has superior boxing but Silva has better Muay Thai. GSP has better wrestling but
    Silva has better BJJ. I can see it going either way but idk why I see a silva sub after GSP takes him down late but it would have been a great fight. GSP could wrestle to a decision though if he stays off his back and watches for subs from silva.
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    Jan 4, 2008
    Slva wouldn't be able to deal with Jones's wrestling and GSP wouldn't be able to deal with Silva's striking.

    GSP might win a round or two by taking Silva down, but sooner or later Silva would catch him with something.

    Would liked to have seen both fights, though. Especially Silva vs GSP since they were both peaking around the same time.