Who would win if prime Barry McGuigan fought all of N.Hamed`s opponents?

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    Unlike Barry, Naz had the luxury of a great trainer and (for all his recent faults) a caring manager in bricktop.
    I agree that Barrera may be all wrong for him, but he goes through the rest. An interesting flip is how Hamed would deal with McGuigan’s best opponents?
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    Both were fantastic fighters who brought a huge amount of excitement to the UK boxing scene. Probably harder for non UK fans to understand but they were as big as it got and sadly like a lot of UK talent they flamed out too young. As I have mentioned in another thread if a British fighter has a sniff of talent they are almost immediately hyped and become superstars almost overnight. Fighters like Hamed and Khan were hyped from their first fights. I think it is hard for young men to become household names and millionaires so quickly. I feel similar US fighters have more time to develop as of course there are many more boxers in the US so some great talents have developed under the radar and possibly had more life experience before the big time.

    With Barry I think his managerial troubles, his fathers death and the weight of expectation in Ireland brought him down. While I don't think his style meant he would have a long career he could certainly have been a longer term FW champ and I think had a couple of big wins in him still. I think he may well have lost to some of Hamed's opponents. I don't think Barry has that much of an advantage as far as quality wins. Yes he has the win over an ATG and Hamed doesn't but when we remove Pedroza his next best win is probably LaPorte and his two other title wins over Taylor and Cabrera who were solid but no more IMO. Hamed beat amongst others, Vasquez, McCullough, Kelly, Johnson, Medina, Robinson, Bunga, Soto, Ingle and Hardy who were all quality fighters (admittedly some past their best but then so was Pedroza). That is a lot of talent to wade through without picking up a loss and it took someone with exceptional talent like Hamed to do it without counting his other defences. So while I feel Barry (and of course LaPorte, Pedroza) was a better fighter than all of Naseem's defenses it is not certain he manages to go through 15 defenses without a loss, after all not many fighters have and Barry managed "only" 2.
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    I`m not sure Hardy would have got a shot at McGuiigan`s title anyway, I`m not sure he was ever a top 10 feather being knocked out at Bantam by Canizales while McGuigan had to fight a hard punching feather like Laporte.
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