Why do Deontay Wilder fans conveniently keep ignoring fights where his power was exposed?

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Luis Fernando, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. thesnowman22

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    Dec 29, 2013
    The idiocy is unreal. People who hate Wilder lose all common sense.

    No one in history has a record with all KO's and no "but....what about so and so" fights.

    If you think Wilder is no doubt a top 10 HW ever OR if you think hes a "fraud" you are simply not objective.

    There is no doubt he has mind numbing one punch power. To suggest otherwise is ridiculous.
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  2. Farmboxer

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    Jul 19, 2004
    Not so sure Wilder's power will work as well against a man as big as Fury...............
  3. SmackDaBum

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    Nov 22, 2014
    Also many of his "clean" KO punches capitalize on the damage already done by forearms to the backside of the head which often leads up to KO opportunities and make his opposition more prone to getting knocked out as a result from the illegal punishment already taken.

    But Wilder is allowed to do this against the usual suspects: Small, slow opposition with poor management.

    Against this type of competition Wilder has an easier time going for the backside of the head (without risking getting caught) thats why he can load up with full swings followed by multiple shots because he can get away with it due to his reach and speed against the small and slow. all allowed by the ref.

    When Wilder cant load up full swings to the backside of the head his power will not look as great anymore. Many people have spoken about this a long time but still people prefer to stare at KO highlihgts ignoring the obvious facts Hyping up the fraud instead.

    Im still convinced that his chin is pure china because his resume still cant prove the opposite.

    That's why he never faced somebody tall and fast. When I say tall I think about 6"3+ and fast I think about Parker, Tyson, Hughie, Joshua, etc.

    Wilder will have a very hard time to reach the backside of Fury's head without getting countered and knocked out. You dont even need power to knock him out. Just speed and timing. Fury have that combined with underrated power aswell.

    This is going to look like some ******ed angry and skinny kid getting bullied on the schoolyard.
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  4. Rumsfeld

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    Jul 19, 2004
    I think you're being (perhaps deliberately) harsh and over the top here in your criticisms, and that while they may have a valid foundation, you're still being rather heavy-handed in terms of accentuating the negatives while ignoring the positives.

    You well know that I once thought exactly as you do regarding Wilder - I thought he was an over-hyped fraud who would be exposed when he stepped up, and I felt he had terrible punch resistance and was a knockout waiting to happen. He may some day get KTFO, but my initial assessment was obviously incorrect.

    He has visibly improved in recent years, and he has also displayed better than advertised punch resistance, a proven ability to overcome adversity, which places a strong emphasis on heart & determination, and he has also proven that he carries his power late.

    I've picked against Wilder plenty of times. In fact, I'm officially picking Fury to win next week, although I'm far from confident in that prediction.

    I think you're being harsh on Wilder.

    My thoughts on the Wilder-Fury fight, should you be interested.

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  5. sid

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    Nov 2, 2013
    Fury for me thx for the video.
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  6. Scissors

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    Feb 11, 2018
    I’m not a Wilder fan but these threads are tedious.

    He’s knocked out every single fighter he’s faced. You can’t question whether the power is legit or not.
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  7. andrewa1

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    Apr 8, 2013
    You have got to be the number one poster for trying to imagine flaws, not from losses, but from fighters wins and KOs.

    To be fair, quality of opposition is a legit question mark with Wilder. It's fair to place him anywhere from #1 hardest hitter of the division to number 3 or so, and adherents would have legit points for any of those spots. But that said, truth is in the numbers. He's kod every single opponent he's ever faced, out of 39 opponents and 7 title defenses. It's an unprecedented ko rate and doesn't happen without mind numbing power, even accounting for the level of opposition, which can be very overstated on these boards.

    And giving specific examples about how long it takes him to ko these people? That's nuts. He still gets the kos. Is Fury a harder hitter than Sasha for koing Firtha when Povetkin couldn't? Do Tony Bellew and Carl Thompson hit harder than Wlad, because they could ko Haye when Wlad couldn't? You can tear apart every single fighters power hitting by looking at who they failed to stop that someone else was able to stop, let alone how long it took them to stop them. Kos happen at different stages of a fight for all sorts of different reasons, stylistic and happenstance. The important thing is how often they get them and to a lesser extent how their power looks to the eye test. On both fronts, Wilder has simply got incredible power, and it's just not reasonably debatable.
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    Dec 23, 2013
    lol! I have heard this from nobody but you! clown
  9. andrewa1

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    Apr 8, 2013
    Good analysis, I agree with you on this one.
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  10. greenhornet

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    Nov 14, 2016
    fury is a certified china chin.
  11. Ukansodoff

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    Aug 7, 2010
    Wilder fans seem to forget about alot of things. They still go on about the 50 million deal for Joshua yet they forgot Finkel refused to discuss or send Hearn any paperwork. They go on about Joshua not watching this Fury fight live yet they forget Wilder said the same about Joshuas last fight. They go on about Joshua ducking Wilder yet seem to forget that all the contracts to fight have only been coming repeatedly from Hearn, nothing from Finkel.

    But mostly they talk about how great a champion Wilder is and how he wants to fight the big fights but they seem to forget we all have the internet, His resume is there for us all to see, Finkels words about not wanting to face Wlad, Wilders tweets to Whyte saying he can make him wait 2 years and mostly Wilders financials, what he makes a fight, what crowds he gets, what viewers he gets, we can see it all and it tells us the real story of another protected big mouth who hasnt took on the fights a 40 fight world champion should.

    **** Wilder he is nothing more than a skinny protected Dosser and if Fury crushes him and embarrasses him he will fade in to obliviion as he will of been fully exposed as a fraud paper champion who fell big at his 1st real hurdle.
  12. Loudon

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    Mar 7, 2012
    Great post Andrew.
  13. Loudon

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    Mar 7, 2012
    Along with Andrew's, this is the best post of the thread.

    I'm looking forward to Luis' response.
  14. Loudon

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    Mar 7, 2012
    Wilder has clearly got great power, but his lack of technique and boxing ability cost him earlier, bigger knockouts.

    The perfect punch comes from technique. We all know that. You need the perfect torque. You need balance and leverage.

    'Andrew' and 'Ovah' have made some great points that you need to address.

    There's lots of HW's that could dispose of guys like Duhaupas in much quicker time. But that wouldn't automatically mean that those guys would be classed as bigger punchers than Wilder.

    The main reason Duhaupas took him to the late stages of the fight, is because Wilder is a poor boxer, who didn't have the opportunity to land a perfectly timed shot with full force and great leverage. He was even getting outboxed in large parts of the fight.

    His power isn't in question. It's a lack of technique that's the issue.

    I'm sure that if he was more skilled, you'd see a lot more one punch knockouts by him.
  15. Zakman

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    Apr 16, 2005
    Of course I'm being harsh, that's my approach. I don't pull any punches when it comes to critiquing fighters, as I think there's far too much uncritical blind hero-worship among many boxing fans. You are not one of those, but there are MANY of these types on this site, as evidenced by many of the comments in this thread and others related to Wilder. He's conned them, and they've swallowed the hype - hook, line and sinker.

    This noted, I agree with you that Wilder could win. Fury's chin is not very good either, as shown particularly in the Cunningham fight. Any HW who gets decked by a feather-fisted cruiser doesn't have the greatest punch resistance. And Fury's been out of the game for several years and may be far more depleted than folks realize. Indeed, this is precisely why Wilder's team selected him, because he's a vulnerable, possibly washed up, former titlist.

    However, because of Wilder's very limited boxing skills - and yes, highly suspect chin - Fury could win. Unlike you, I don't rate his win over old man Ortiz at all. I think Ortiz - if this is actually possible - is more overrated than Wilder, frankly. He's a contender yes, but in my view very unproven, with few victories over what I would call decent opponents. Same as Wilder.

    Both of these guys are crap compared to the real champ, Anthony Joshua, who will destroy whoever wins this fight. As far as who wins, in my view, like I said, it depends on who lands the first shot on the others super-fragile mandible. Today, I am leaning toward Wilder, for the reasons stated above.
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