Why do these youngsters all believe Cassius Clay was some kind of elusive, defensive wizard ?

Discussion in 'Classic Boxing Forum' started by El Gallo Negro, Mar 28, 2021.

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  1. BlackCloud

    BlackCloud I detest the daily heavyweight threads Full Member

    Nov 22, 2012
    Wonder why the thread starter refers to Tyson as Malik Abdul Aziz but somehow Ali is different.

    Some deep underlying issues this guy has.
  2. BlackCloud

    BlackCloud I detest the daily heavyweight threads Full Member

    Nov 22, 2012
    I don't see what's amusing about it at all.
    You take the same stance as him by any chance?
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  3. GOAT Primo Carnera

    GOAT Primo Carnera Member of the PC Fan Club Full Member

    Jan 28, 2018
    @El Gallo Negro U sure you didn´t mistakenly put Clay in the thread title instead of Primo Carnera ?? Might be wrong.
  4. ETM

    ETM I thought I did enough to win. Full Member

    Mar 19, 2012
    The short answer is the 1960s. He was and still is the fastest heavyweight we've seen on film. Laying a glove on Ali was a challenge. There's been more than a few 240-50 lb heavyweights who when they would go to bed they would dream they hit half as hard as a 225lb George Foreman. Then they woke up.
  5. Greb & Papke 707

    Greb & Papke 707 Member Full Member

    Apr 9, 2019
    Ali at his best was the most elusive heavyweight that ever lived.. the problem...as you stated ..was he spent the better part of 15 years as a punching bag
  6. Kamikaze

    Kamikaze Stud Pony Full Member

    Oct 12, 2020
    Interesting that you call him Clay yet it seems like you haven’t watched him fight in the 60s. Curios do you still post on your other account thinking about joining a boxing gym? Fighting your urge to fight?

    Maybe I should bump the cringey sh1t you post in the training forum.
  7. young griffo

    young griffo Boxing Addict Full Member

    May 18, 2006
    When he as an adult chose to legally change it?

  8. Stevie G

    Stevie G Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    Jul 17, 2009
    He certainly WAS the most elusive heavyweight of all back in the sixties. The "punchbag thing" has been a tad exaggerated over the years,though,imo. After Muhammad came back in 1970 he may have slowed up a step and got hit a bit more than he did pre-exile,but he was still very fast for a heavy and still got hit a lot less than any other heavy around at the time. Perhaps he set such a high standard up to and including 1967 that he looked like he was being hit more than he actually was on his ring return. It was only after '75 that he slowed up even further and started to ship more consistent punishment. Obviously in his last two fights he was so far gone that virtually everything thrown by Holmes and Berbick connected.
  9. Fergy

    Fergy Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Jan 8, 2017
    He did, definitely. But he darent change it now with all the other Primo threads!
  10. Mike Cannon

    Mike Cannon Active Member Full Member

    Apr 29, 2020
    That wasn't a God given name, that was his slave name, his parents didn't have a choice, get it now ? keep well..
  11. Cecil

    Cecil Boxing Addict Full Member

    Mar 22, 2015
    Absolutely spot on mate.
  12. RockyJim

    RockyJim Boxing Addict Full Member

    Mar 26, 2005
    Speaking of race...I'm sure most of you know that Ali had Irish roots. His great grandfather Abe Grady, moved to Kentucky from County Clare...and married a black woman...and they had a daughter named Odessa Lee Grady....Ali's mother. Ali was proud of his Irish background...and in 2009 he went back to his ancestral home...and received the "Freedom Of Ennis" award from the town!!!
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  13. Somali Sanil

    Somali Sanil Wild Buffalo Man Full Member

    Sep 1, 2019
    Nah, Ali was no angel, if he can run around being racist and calling decent black folk “ Uncle Tom” then I see nowt wrong with calling him his birth name that his mom an dad gave him if it offended him, it’s actually letting him off lightly
  14. Colonel Sanders

    Colonel Sanders Classic discussion : small vs big, old vs modern Full Member

    Sep 13, 2012
    Irish Muhammad Ali :applaudit:
  15. KernowWarrior

    KernowWarrior Bob Fitzsimmons much bigger brother. Full Member

    Jul 12, 2012
    Do you refer to Sugar Ray Robinson or Jack Sharkey by their birth names?
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