Why Povetkin could knock Riddick Bowe out cold

Discussion in 'Classic Boxing Forum' started by Devon, Jan 14, 2022.

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    Ouch. But honestly that's the way I feel as well.
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    Mar 23, 2019
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    Apr 3, 2012
    Povetkin's peak performance was basically a competitive win against Ruslan Chagaev. Post Wlad, his performances looked great at times, but none of the guys he beat were that special. Yes, he iced Whyte while past it, but he didn't look especially good on that night and was on the verge of losing.

    Bowe was sloppy and easy to hit and would almost definitely have a tough time with Povetkin, but I don't see anything that Povetkin did to suggest he'd actually beat Bowe.

    Povetkin would murder the Bowe who fought Golota, however.
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    Agreed on Bowe/Golata 2 but not on fight number one, Povetkin never used a jab and movement like Golata against Bowe, he would bring the fight right to him throwing hooks and make it a infight/close quarter battle and that is the absolute worst thing you can do even against a washed up Bowe.

    KO power ? Bowe is the ONLY man who stopped Holyfield face down and out..................and was never ever stopped despite shot beyond shot in Golata 2.
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    Povetkin was one of the only guys to last the distance against Wlad during his reign. Povetkin was already in his late thirties when Joshua stopped him.
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    I know I am looking at Povetkins positives and Bowe’s negatives, but that’s because I feel like them negatives of Bowe is Povetkin’s absolute bread and butter to counter, like how George Foreman dealt with small come forward fighters very well, Bowe doesn’t move after he throws and there is just a plodding look to his movement and that jab, I’m not making a prediction for the fight, I just see a very good chance that Povetkin is able to land something big on Bowe, I see Povetkin beating him to the punch in the exchange if they were to because of Povetkins tighter punches and faster hands and he is more adept to that and from the outside I do see Povetkin countering that jab quite often, obviously he would get hit with it too, but I feel like Povetkin has much faster feet and therefore would not get hit with as many big punches because he stays concentrated after he throws and just looks a lot tighter defensively at times like that, the reason I would not be so concerned for Lewis if he fought Povetkin is because Lewis has a much faster jab and actually feints and changes the speed of the jab so Povetkin wouldn’t be able to read it as well and time it and even if he did the jab is faster and Lewis actually moves after throwing
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    Both of them fight absolutely nothing like Bowe and Povetkin was past it when he fought Joshua, not saying he wasn’t still good, but he wasn’t at his best as he got hurt by David Price in the fight prior, his prime was probably against Takam and Wladimir Klitschko was scandalously allowed to hold for literally the majority of the fight, if you skip to a random point in the fight, Klitschko is most likely holding him and you saying he ‘ragdolled’ him, that’s because he was like 25lbs heavier and he was allowed to excessively hold
    Bowe can be a target at times as we seen against Golota albeit past it at the ripe old age of 29, he was able to outjab Bowe and land combinations, I don’t see why Povetkin couldn’t counter him to death constantly with rights over his jab, Bowe might try to get physical on the inside, but he leaves himself in huge danger to be hit with that left hook or uppercut of either hand
    I’m not predicting either, it’s just some alarm bells do ring for Bowe stylistically here
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    Bowe would beat the crap out of Povetkin.

    But yeah, just about every heavyweight can possibly land a KO punch.
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    Who wasn't unpredictable with their jabbing? I bet you think Vitali would beat Povetkin despite Bowe having more advantages and better punching technique.
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    Bowe of the modern heavies , was one of the best inside fighters I ever saw .He beats Povetkin imo.Wlad beat Sasha and I'd pick Bowe to beat him too.