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    Apr 3, 2022
    Boxing is named the 'gentleman's sport', simply as it allows upright, bipedal human combat, but with rules to ensure the combatants arent hurt too much, and some semblance of respect and care is written into the rules. The combatants compete on their feet, never grovel like animals. Humans are bipedal, walk upright, and boxing reflects our human difference to the animal world in tis style of combat. As does SUMO and Thai kickboxing.

    UFC prides itself on its combination of sports; Boxing, wrestling, martial arts. 'Anything goes'. But it doesnt does it.. not really. Cant headbutt, can kick on the ground, etc, etc. Its not a true 'no holds barred' sport like its fans claim. While yes, combatants do keep assaulting each other when someone is Knocked down or even knocked out. Often fighters will continue to smash unconscious fighters. Pure inhumane brutality. A disgusting spectacle. No punishment for the fighters that do it. Should attract court cases.

    So while UFC 'prides' itself on its no holds form of combat, it really isnt unrestricted, as they rightly claim; it would lead to injury.... YET they allow unconscious fighters to get assaulted while totally unconscious! The assault is never mentioned or condemned in the commentary, fans cheer it, and the fighters continue to celebrate it!

    Thats why Boxing and the Heavyweight boxing champ of the world will always be better known, and more respected than some anonymous UFC champ. Simply because boxing conducts itself inside the ring with a higher form of humanity; on their feet, rules, care for the combatants. Not grovelling on the ground like dogs, and assaulting unconscious fighters.

    How many boxing matches are there in the world per year? How many UFC type fights are there? Obviously there are hundreds, if not thousands of times more of amatuer and pro boxing fights in the world than UFC per year. Just 1 UFC death would equate to hundreds if not thousands of UFC deaths if there were just as many UFC fights as boxing.
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    Dec 18, 2019
    Didn't read, but MMA sucks, so you get a likey.
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    Oct 12, 2022
    UFC for me is a toothless hillbilly spectacle. It's more human cockfighting than an actual sport like boxing.
    BUT it's less corrupt, less political and the best fight the best. Boxing is full of useless fights, greedy promoters and divas. The top dogs don't fight each other, but rather engage in a split screen competition of whoever destroys the most bums wins.
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    Playing devil’s advocate.

    Rules are in place cause it is a entertainment sport and not fight to the death. Don’t think I ever saw where it’s stated as unrestricted. Maybe early day when they did crazzy **** to get attention but now a days it’s a billion dollar business so protecting fighters and public opinion is high on list of what cannot can’t be done. Also there are sport commission guidelines too.

    As for popularity , you are comparing century old sport to something that is 3 decades old.

    Fan boys will throw crap to annoy the other side. In the end they are two different sports. Let’s just leave it at that. Not many crossover between the two. I enjoy both.
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    Apr 3, 2022
    Advocating for the Devil doesnt help its case.. Assaulting unconscious fighters would make the devil smile. Boxing as a sport, its rules, still have the morality of the 19th century written into them. The UFC is from the 'satanic' erc we are currently in, and it shows in the lack of care, the inhumanity, animalistic style of the contest. (you brought it up)

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    Sep 3, 2022
    UFC has rules in favor of BJJ because one of the founders (Rorion Grace) of UFC was a BJJ master - you're wrong, there're rules in UFC even more (and very crappy ones) than some people think. UFC let a lot of people go under TRT and then praised them as great, while the moment the TRT was banned, their success went headstrong down. Some were never properly sanctioned for PEDs, others like the "pulsating" Jones have all the referees and judged behind them, apart from the federation itself and he still competes after all the controversies with PEDs, drugs and even the fights he lost, but was announced a winner. Others got banned the first time they were caught using. So UFC is hypocritical, maybe has better rules when one gets a title shot and how to defend it, but that's all. UFC is more of a joke for the mixed martial arts - they died with PRIDE. But that's why I see UFC that way, otherwise it's a different sport.
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    Jul 25, 2021
    UFC is so over hyped & at least going back four years it was at least somewhat more entertaining in the right kind of events,

    The last few years it's been going down, they need to build new stars or a big star.
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    Jul 25, 2021
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    Thats just the way it is!
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    Apr 3, 2022
    The thing about sport, especially new ones, is coaches and athletes find ways to work inside the rules to get an advantage. So many sports constantly make a rule change here or there to either stop coaches an athletes twisting the rules, or to 'improve the spectacle'.

    UFC is brand new as sports go. The 1st big change needed is the brutality of assaulting (striking) an unconscious or fallen fighter. Not being a fan i dont know of other rules that need changing, but im sure being such a new sport there are potentially a lot of rules that could be re worked.

    I suspect that in the current political environment, brazen assult in the UFC is encouraged as they try to divide and anger the worlds populations in all sorts of ways.

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    Jul 25, 2021
    Lets just start with the Commentary & production team all amateur,

    Have you seen them screaming "oh" up & down like bitches it's embarrassing especially coming from old men, in all my years of watching Boxing you would not be able to find that level of cringe ****,

    At least in the old days the Fighter's though mostly under the influence where more original with their presence, style of fighting, their look along with their gear, even the lighting was better in the Octagon, it felt bigger in every way, as compared to now in it's current reduced state resembling a buddy boy ass kissing club on display.
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    Nov 2, 2022
    Bunch of low IQ posts here. UFC isn’t a sport it’s the organization like NBA , NHL or NFL, the sport is called MMA and it’s a beautiful sport where you can box, kickbox, wrestle, grapple, submit your oponent or you can KO him.
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    Aug 4, 2020
    You didn’t miss anything, the entire post was nonsense.
  14. kirk

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    Jul 26, 2004
    1) MMA is actually less dangerous than boxing. The charade of boxing being a gentlemens sports is just that, a charade. In reality its a horrendously damaging sport in which its rules actually ensure more sustained damage over time than MMA, not less.

    2) The idea boxers will always be more popular than MMA fighters is simply wrong and entirely baseless. There is almost no question UFC will surpass boxing over time. These things have little to do with the soul of the sports and instead almost entirely down to how these sports are managed. I will be shocked if UFC doesnt completely overtake boxing at this point, given the suicidal nature boxing has adopted (meaning the current structure and management of the sport is detrimental to its health/growth, ect)
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    Apr 3, 2022
    You may be right. As society degenerates, ive no doubt the more barbaric will persevere. And following that logic, an even more barbaric sport, sanctioned by governments (corporations) will rise, fights to the death, and people will pay to watch.

    UFC is just a symptom of humanity degenerating. Should fly the rainbow flag at every event...tolerance.