Whyte doesn't land a right hand on Fury, AJ or Wilder!

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    I take all your points on board, and you’re justified in pointing out the double standards in my post. Just on the scoring for that Whyte v Chisora 1 fight...you’ll know the odds better than me at that time on who was favourite, but I remember people picking fairly evenly on here on who they’d thought would win. I think I actually naively predicted it to be a boring clinch fest, how wrong was I? I really don’t know how anyone could score a clear winner in that fight. They knocked seven bells out of each other, some rounds Whyte dominated the first minute or so and then Chisora would take over for the rest of the round and vice versa. It didn’t deserve a loser or a winner imo. I scored it even. In fact, I turned into Froch I gave that many 10-10 rounds. I think Whyte got the nod in that fight because of his potential marketability and because it was easier to put yet another loss on the Chisora record with him being a gatekeeper.

    In the second fight, I actually thought Chisora was the better, more skilled boxer. Despite getting caught in the first round, Del went to take over, pushing Whyte back, dictating the action. The scorecards were all in Chisora’s favour, and then Whyte starts leaning on Chisora’s back and pushing his forearm in his face...he receives a few warnings from the referee. Then Chisora gets deducted points TWICE. The crowd boo’d cos they could see what was happening and we all saw Chisora’s head just drop. He knew what was happening, he was getting swindled by the favoured, well backed fighter. So instead of carrying on with his successful fight plan, he started throwing wild hooks and got caught. That was my interpretation of that.
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    Matchroom PR machine Tony Hayers having his daily go at Fury and scraping the bowels of Matchroom to justify a PPV for the Lineal PED Title giving us Pudding Whyte v Stale Pudding Pedvetkin.

    New day, same circus, same clown
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    Whyte was a significant betting favourite in both. This article
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    for the second fight has Whyte 3/10 to win with Chisora 5/2. American odds but this site
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    has him an even shorter favourite for the first fight.

    Also - even with the points taken off Chisora was winning the second fight when he was stopped?
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    Didn’t know that, cheers. Yes, two judges had Chisora up 95-94 and the third had Whyte 95-94. Bear in mind, there was a points deduction for Chisora in the 8th and 11th. He was starting to get shafted by the ref and he knew it.
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    probably when they allow the agency to get a sample.
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    That's exactly how I saw it and I 100% believe that if Chisora wasn't getting shafted so blatantly he'd have seen the fight out and won. Whyte was extremely fortunate and I think he knows his luck is going to run out soon. He's a good fighter and gives it everything but he's very flawed and against the elite those flaws will show.
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    Povetkin is always dangerous, but the same whyte that showed up to fight Rivas and Chisora 2 will beat povetkin handidly. People dont realise how tough Whytes opponents are.... not every boxer is the same boxer in every fight... sometimes boxers show up as their best versions... and Whyte has taken on the best version of Rivas, and Chisora and Parker etc... so he is battle ready more than the rest, and this is how you sharpen a sword. You dont learn by taking on easy fights.

    But at the same time I dont know what shape whyte will be in given all the lockdown crap etc.

    Always back Whyte to win! I always saw the ingredients of a winner/champion in Whyte.
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    Nov 23, 2019
    AJ and Fury? Probably, Wilder? Lol
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    I like whyte when I see him in interviews yet I always want him to lose, don’t know why. I think wilder KOs him early doors, AJ is more timid these days and cautious of gassing so could be decent if whyte steps on the pace early.

    fury beats him over 12. I wouldn’t say fury is as slick as everyone else, fury gets caught a lot over his career, good thing he has an iron jaw.
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    did he land a right hand on Povetkin?