Will Usyk get a fair shake against Fury?

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Rumsfeld, Apr 17, 2024.

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    Jan 13, 2021
    Me too, still won't let me
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    Jul 31, 2021
    If you've ever done sparring on an off day you'll know what I mean.

    To me AJ is a poor man's Wlad with a beautiful uppercut. I don't see AJ outboxing Fury, nor do I see his power posing too much of an issue after taking Wilder's best shots.

    As for styles not meshing, who knows?
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  3. sukuna2003

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    Apr 17, 2024
    SURE bud. I’m not a fury fan boy i don’t really care who wins this fight at all. All i’m saying is that this will be harder for usyk than AJ was stylistically.
  4. It's Ovah

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    Sep 5, 2016
    Alright, maybe Fury had the mother of all off days, but even then you'd at least expect a man with that much of an advantage in experience and skill to be able to turn things around in ten rounds. And if you're able to have that big of an off day once, then that really puts a big question mark on your chances against anyone half decent going forward, let alone a beast like Joshua.

    Speaking of Joshua he doesn't really fight like Wlad at all. He's much closer to someone like Lennox, more able to box or brawl as the occasion demands, and with a far better range of punches, although less impeccable at controlling range like Wlad was. But people want to continue to paint this enormous skill difference between Joshua and Fury and frankly I just don't see it anymore. 2015 Fury vs 2016 Joshua, yeah totally. Obvious gulf in skills. But we aren't at that point in their careers anymore, and while Fury's skills have noticeably eroded with age, ring rust and terrible living, Joshua's have only improved from his continual learning from every fight win or lose.

    I look at Fury now and I see a heavy footed boxer/brawler with kind of sloppy hands and certain repetitive movements that any decent boxer should be able to read and capitalise on. He's still got a bit of that herky jerkyness and a decent if inconsistent jab but so much of his game is so much worse these days. There's no real lightness on his feet, quick lateral shifts are nonexistent, combinations lack speed and sharpness, control of range is poor, his upper body movement just isn't as effective at avoiding incoming blows, and he has a much greater propensity for falling into clinches after throwing. Where does that version of Fury (which is the only version we have now) outbox Joshua, a man who hung for twenty four rounds with champ Usyk?

    As for the power, you can bet Joshua's would trouble him. It doesn't matter whether you think Wilder hits harder or not, Joshua has a much better delivery mechanism for landing his best shots, and he isn't dependent on one key shot which has to be thrown at one range. Joshua isn't some one trick pony, he's a skilled experienced boxer with world class power who utilises timing, angles, feints, level shifts, and a versatile and spearing jab to land his best and has proven to be able to do this against a range of world class opponents. Fury would be in major trouble if Joshua puts him down because Joshua wouldn't let him off the hook.
  5. Rico Spadafora

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    Feb 20, 2008
    I think part of it was just styles. Ngannou was tailor made for AJ. It was always going to be a quick knockout. Fury isn’t a puncher he’s feather fisted for his size.
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    Jun 29, 2016

    Maybe I subconsciously choose not to but I don't see this movement. If Fury moves so great how does he get caught against the likes of the cruiserweight Steve Cunningham, feather fisted Neven Pajkic, boxing debutant and former Cameroonian wrestler Francis Ngannou not to mention the multiple times Wilder put him over who in Furys own words can't box for the brown smelly stuff. Usyk is levels above any of them and if he puts Fury over and there's a good chance he could then he won't let him off the hook. Even if he doesn't put Fury over Fury has not faced anyone with Usyks skill level. Fury is in trouble come fight night.
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  7. Cobra33

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    Feb 2, 2006
    As much as I like Usyk I think that Fury is going to absolutely have a field day with him and stop him.
    I think people are forgetting how fluid and quick Fury is especially for his size and I think that is really going to trouble Usyk.
  8. Kiwi Casual

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    Jul 31, 2021
    Yeah I agree Fury has declined, and you make some fair points, but AJ isn't the beast you're painting him out to be either.

    It's a fascinating match up, but the only thing AJ has over Fury is power. That's not going to be enough. How they performed against Ngannou is irrelevant to me, I'm more interested in comparing their respective performances against Usyk who can actually box.
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    Jun 4, 2014
    What happen to you exactly ? Did miniq stole your profile ?
    How exactly is AJ any relevant in fighting to Wlad exactly? They are nothing alike. And Klitschko was 39.7 when faced Fury with a newborn and essentially divorcing(he wasn't married, but they were living together etc, etc).
    Wilder has also nothing in common with AJ.

    Fury can't bully AJ like he did against Wilder, and AJ ain't 40 years old Wlad as well.

    Also AJ can fight close range and has huge tools in there, unlike Wlad.
    AJ is stronger, younger, hit hard enough to KO anyone, and has a lot more tools, than 40 years old Klitschko.
    Also Fury was 26 years old that night or so. Nothing in common.
    Zero chances of Fury ever doing anything to AJ.
    AJ kryptonite always going to be smaller fighters like Usyk. Ruiz was a guy that AJ took lightly, knocked down and trying to finish him off, when Ruiz wasn't that much hard. AJ already showed he matured enough in the rematch and can deal with such opponents.

    Fury is a tailor made for AJ, and has nothing to offer in terms of resistance for AJ. That's why Fury won't ever dare to fight AJ.
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  10. lordlosh

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    Jun 4, 2014
    Actually Ngannou is miles better comparison, simply because he hits hard and is big and strong. And here is the deal, AJ hits harder, s bigger and just as strong, if not stronger than Ngannou. AJ is also million time better boxer, way more explosive and the speed difference is million times apart.
    Usyk matchup is completely irrelevant to AJ - Fury, as Usyk fights nothing alike AJ, neither is nothing alike build like AJ.

    While Fury may be able to lean on Usyk and clinch and do what he wants in there, he won't be able to do that.
    Also the judges and the refs won't allow Fury to cheat against AJ, unlike Usyk.

    So win/lose for Fury in the Usyk fights tells you nothing about how AJ - Fury going to plays out.
    Actually the only thing it may tells you is, how good Fury cardio is, if it's goes to 12 rounds and Usyk still has the same pace, as 2 years ago when he fought AJ.
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  11. gollumsluvslave

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    Dec 20, 2020
    Yup, Huck you could tell Usyk wasn't just wanting to win, he wanted to inflict punishment!
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  12. BCS8

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    Aug 21, 2012
    Agree with nearly all of this. Usyk isn't looking quite as quick and sharp as he did in his cruiser glory days but Fury is imho much slower and a worse boxer than he was at his best. He's more physical, sure, but I think that's the wrong approach against Usyk.
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  13. gollumsluvslave

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    Dec 20, 2020
    Personally I think people are still living in the Wlad victory. Fury hasn't been fluid and quick in 5 years, and even then it's always been relative to his opposition, plodders and well-chosen low-IQ hail-mary operators like Whyte and Wilder accentuate Fury's smoke & mirror 'gifts' IMO.

    Don't get me wrong, if Fury is able to dig out those characteristics and is able to do what no one else has done and dominate Usyk and nullify all his elite qualities, I will doff my cap to him and give him all the credit in the world, but I still maintian that folks will be shocked at how cumbersome, clumsy and downright slow Usyk will make Fury look, especially early.

    After that it comes down to whether Fury can impose his size and slow Usyk down, because if he can't then i'm not sure his ticker will keep up, even if his beard can.
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  14. sukuna2003

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    Apr 17, 2024
    sure bud i don’t dispute any of this just saying that fury will be a challenge for usyk that’s all.
  15. pugilista

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    Feb 18, 2024
    I agree. People also forget what Cunningham did to Fury. Fighters don't get faster or more mobile with age and even the Wlad fight was two years after the Cunningham bout. Fury was as fast and as light on his feet as he could possibly be when he faced Cunningham who even by his own admission couldn't lace Usyk's gloves. I've always seen the possible Usyk-Fury bout a gross mismatch in Usyk's favour. As you say, Fury has always been only fast and a good mover in relation to his size. His herky-jerky style also made people believe he is busier than he actually is. Usyk has superior movement, speed, work rate, punch accuracy and stamina. I can see him stopping Fury late to make sure he won't get robbed as everybody knows the Saudis dream of hosting a Joshua-Fury bout.
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