Would be Usyk Fury's best win?

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    Jun 25, 2014
    Actually, most sane people would view your ridicule of two of the longest-reigning heavyweight champs this century as trolling.

    Wlad and Wilder were dominant heavyweight champions. They had nearly 30 successful heavyweight title defenses between them. (I believe Wlad lost to Fury in Wlad's 19th defense, while Wilder lost to Fury while attempting to make his 11th defense.)

    And most sane people, particularly those who follow the heavyweight division, would also view as a troll anyone who insists a Fury victory over a 36-year-old former cruiserweight who has signed to face one ranked heavyweight in his life, and who lost five of the 12 rounds with a journeyman like Chisora, would be a better heavyweight win than Fury's victories that ended Wlad and Wilder's long reigns.

    All depends on your perception, I guess.

    I imagine we'll all find out for ourselves after Fury demolishes him.

    Since Fury already has all of Usyk's belts, and never lost them to anyone, I figure just getting more copies of them after wiping the floor with Usyk isn't going to mean so much in the long run.
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    Oct 9, 2022
    "Joshua twice, who is better than anyone Fury has beat"

    Joshua's record fighting away (0-1, NOMAS7) and his life and death struggles with 41 year old inactive clear underdog Wlad in Britain suggest he would have lost to the active champ massive favourite Wlad Fury fought in Germany. There's also a very good chance that Joshua would have lost to Wilder in America, certainly once across three fights, probably twice and maybe all three times (Joshua's confidence would have been shattered by a KO defeat to Wilder as it was against Wlad and Ruiz, whereas Wilder has proven more resilient).

    "Usyk rated himself a 3/10 vs Chisora"

    Meaningless. Usyk isn't going to say "I was 10/10 vs Chisora, I'm just not as good as people hoped"

    "Joshua would KO Chisora"

    Joshua didn't KO Parker, Ruiz x2, Usyk x2 and was on course to go the distance with Takam and Wlad before dubious late stoppages, so I don't see this as a foregone conclusion.
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    "that FOTY candidate"

    It won upset of the year. Fury was the same age that Wlad was (and significantly less experienced than Wlad) when he was in between getting peeled off the canvas against fringe contenders Sanders and Brewster. 8-4/9-3 in A-side P4P No.2 unified champ Wlad's backyard, having broken the record in all weight classes for fewest punches taken from a champion over 12 rounds.

    "very green clunky robot AJ"

    Joshua was relatively green but 2015-2017 Joshua was also the most confident, aggressive Joshua. Post-Wlad, post-Ruiz Joshua is scared of getting hit, scared of gassing out and would rather go to points than go for the KO even when the fight is in the balance.

    "If that had been Fat Andy in the ring with Belly on those nights instead of them it would've been curtains for Belly."

    23 year old Fury (not 29 year old, like Joshua) would have taken Ruiz far more seriously, as he did Chisora (who he dominated) prior to Firtha and Pajkic. Fury has had the bad habit of not taking supposed lesser opponents seriously. He also shouldn't have been jumping back into the ring inside two months after the Chisora fight and then inside two months after the Firtha fight, back to back. Although this did have the effect of making rivals underestimate Fury's durability, which served Fury well against Wlad.
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    No wladimir and wilder are much better wins than blown up middleweight
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    Nov 17, 2022
    But then again: who said he dominated Fury? More importantly: who cares if he didn't? He scored a legit TKO and only Fury's marketing value/boxing corruption resulted that fight going the distance anyway. You could be ahead 110-99 on the cards and still, that means zilch if you get a cut in the 12th as bad as Wallin cut Fury early on.

    Also, lol at MAD_DUCK coming in like clockwork as a backup dancer for any posts that has even the slightest pro-Fury angle - but oh no, he is not a Fury vassal :D Hilarious stuff.

    @MAD_PIGE0N , mate, come on now. You still have to give likes to several posts by noted Furyettes Thunderstorm, Redbeard7 and Dubblechin in just this topic alone. You only threw in like 5 or so in these last two pages, come on, keep up. You know, in the name of not being a Fury fan and all that :D
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    Stop vining, I give you like (for living in your head daily).
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    Coin toss between shot Wlad and aging Usyk.
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    You continue to say fantastically stupid things.
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    Yes it would be. Usyk is an ATG still near his prime.