You wanted it.. you got it. Diaz vs GSP. Its on.

Discussion in 'MMA Forum' started by demzor, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Beekeeper

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    Aug 13, 2010
    Diaz used to be a lightweight too, and Noons is a pro boxer so your critisism is a bit harsh considering Diaz won the fight standing up with him, so is inferring that Santos is a tomato can opponent,

    And is movement against Daley was good when he was focused, and not clowning and simply trading with him, he did pretty good considering the fact that he did not stick to a gameplan.

    When you were debating Koa you mentioned nothing about nut strikes, eye pokes or biting. Wrestlers do not have an apparent advantage in any of this as far as I know. But he has a point about how scoring in the UFC gives more credit to good wrestling than to good BJJ.

    My point about the eyepoke, foul or not, was the extent Koscheck embellished it trying to get a DQ. I fighter dominating would not have done that, especially considering he seemed fine when they restarted.

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  2. Will Cooling

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    Aug 2, 2010
    Diaz has grown out far better than Noons. I mean by the time they first thought EliteXC had instituted a 160Ibs weight limit for lightweight due to Diaz not being able to get down. I never said Santos was a tomato can, I said he wasn't worthy of being a world title challenger which he isn't.

    I was referring to Koa talking about how the important thing is making the rules of MMA relate to a real life fight. There's all sorts of things that are in the rules that wouldn't apply to the latter. And I agree the scoring of MMA is biased in favour of wrestlers - for the millionth time I scored the Torres-Johnson fight for Torres. But that bias was not the reason Guida won the fight and any attempt to change the rules so that what Guida did doesn't result in a decision victory would fundamentally alter the nature of the sport.

    Koscheck is not most fighters. He beat Johnson beat handily too after trying to take the easy route with cheap tactics lol.