Zhilei Zhang vs Joe Joyce II - September 23 // Wembley Arena

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Zhilei Zhang vs Joe Joyce - Who Wins?

  1. Zhang by T/KO

  2. Zhang by Decision

  3. Joyce by T/KO

  4. Joyce by Decision

  5. Draw

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  1. Virtanen

    Virtanen New Member banned Full Member

    Aug 29, 2023
    Yes, Ted, how you are not seeing this simple thing?
  2. peter_uk

    peter_uk Active Member Full Member

    Sep 11, 2022
    I still think Joyce can pull it off; obviously Joyce isn't going to get any quicker etc, but rewatching the first fight there are plenty of improvements he can make. He was far too defensively lax and stayed in range too long, and ended up eating the straight left hands that busted up his eye and led to the stoppage. If he can mostly avoid Zhangs left hand by moving to his left and keeping the distance in the early rounds, then I think he can get the stoppage later on as Zhang gasses out.
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  3. ALN93

    ALN93 Well-Known Member banned Full Member

    May 12, 2023
    Put a stone back on and get some southpaw sparring.
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  4. Here's Johnny

    Here's Johnny Boxing Addict Full Member

    Jan 18, 2015
    I think Joyce will win this time. Tighten that defence a bit and stop that eye closing and I can see him getting him out of there. Big if that thought with Joyce. Loves blocking them with his face haha.
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  5. SaintDave

    SaintDave AKA Twentyman banned Full Member

    Aug 12, 2023
    I agree with this. He showed how well he could box against Dubois (as an example). He just kept popping that jab and not letting Dubois set himself. He respected his power. He seemed to abandon that style since but I think he will have more respect for Zhang this time and will turn him over.
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  6. GDM74

    GDM74 Member Full Member

    Apr 19, 2021
    Joyce is 5/1 to win in rounds 7-12. That looks a value bet.
  7. Special K

    Special K New Member Full Member

    Apr 29, 2022
    This is one of those rare fights I don’t want either man to lose.

    If Joyce can stay away from the straight left for 5-6 rounds he has a good chance. He was so poor in the first fight that there’s loads of room for improvement. And like others have said, put the weight back on.
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  8. DramaShow

    DramaShow 19 banned Full Member

    Dec 22, 2020
    Zach Parker is fighting a journeyman apparently in a 10-rounder. Do you know whether Parker and Yarde are going to fight again this year? Just thinking because since Wardley vs Adeleye is scheduled for October 28, I'm unsure about Warren's plans for shows for the final 2 months, especially with Essuman ordered to fight Crowley and Parker vs Richards looking like it won't happen anymore.
  9. Dragon Punch

    Dragon Punch Boxing Addict Full Member

    Sep 15, 2012
    No chance Yarde fights again this year IMO- not for the money he’s on and they’re running out of dates. Zack Parker is on the road to nowhere- I do t believe the Richards fight went passed a conversation. It would be a terrible watch and not worth spending lot of the budget on. Frank is probably praying someone requests him as an opponent or something as I doubt he knows what to do with him. He’s very inactive, he jacked against Ryder after selling no tickets so he’s not a compelling package.
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  10. DramaShow

    DramaShow 19 banned Full Member

    Dec 22, 2020
    Thanks for the reply. Warren did say that Eubank Jr should fight Zach Parker. I hope he was being sarcastic.

    I’m disappointed in Yarde fighting Ricky Summers especially because he was ordered to fight for the European Title against a guy Buatsi knocked out in 4 rounds 2 and a half years ago.
  11. Goodfella23

    Goodfella23 Member Full Member

    Oct 9, 2021
    Looking forward to this and really fancy Joyce for revenge.

    All he has to do is protect himself and spoil the early rounds then Zhang will be there for the taking.

    I think KO/TKO 7-12 but overall, 7-2 for the KO/TKO anytime is a brilliant bet.
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  12. Punchdrunk1

    Punchdrunk1 Well-Known Member Full Member

    Mar 2, 2019
    I'd love Joe to win but he could do little to protect himself in first fight and it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

    Hope he comes in heavier than the first fight- coming in light was madness
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  13. Guru88

    Guru88 Active Member Full Member

    Sep 6, 2020
    Can’t wait for this, think it will be an absolutely brilliant fight, think Zhang will piece him up early but Joyce will come from behind and stop gassed Zhang late, might have to get off the floor to do it
  14. Degale

    Degale Active Member Full Member

    Nov 24, 2013
    Surprised many of are still high on Joyce, a man who idea of defence is taking shots to the head, has zero head movement and slower than a week in jail.

    Zhang will beat him again
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  15. Punchdrunk1

    Punchdrunk1 Well-Known Member Full Member

    Mar 2, 2019
    I'm a big Joyce fan but will be shocked if he can pull this off.

    I certainly can't see him doing it convincingly- his only hope is Zhang gassing